Get up to 40% cash back when you shop online

Did you know there’s a free way you can get cash back (up to 40%) when you shop online? … I didn’t!

I definitely wish I had know about this earlier in life!

I was chatting to a friend about the boring task of changing energy suppliers, and they mentioned that they do it every year simply to get cash back [and normally save money on their bills too] I was like, “WOW cash back from simply changing energy supplier and shoppinh? I need to know about this”

His reply was.. “Yeah, you can get shed loads of cashback on so many of the normal online shopping you do! I got £50 just for changing my gas supplier and I get a 5% every time I spend on ebay – which is a LOT!”

“What?!” .. so I asked how.

Turns out there’s a company called TopCashBack and ebates

It’s totally FREE and when you make purchases online they will give you cash back, which you can get sent to your bank account, Paypal or to a preferred store credit note. Super simple.

I decided it was time to switch energy provider, and boom £37.50 cahsback AND I actually got a better deal on my energy. WIN WIN.
2017-05-07 11_10_52-TopCashback - Transactions by Member

I don’t know why I’ve never heard of this before! Every time I book trips, by new kit,  shop on eBay, or things from Amazon I will use it …I even buy bike gear, and earn cashback!

So, here’s how it works:

All you need to do…is sign up, which takes minutes. So for me, I shop at an array of places so I’m actually subscribed both of these sites as they each cover slightly different brands, which basically means, no matter where I’m shopping I’m earning cashback! Nice!

Step 1: Sign up for a free account here: AND

Step 2: Click the Join Now button on the top of the page. I highly recommend joining both if you really want to earn!

2017-05-07 11_17_12-TopCashback Official Site_ UK's Highest Paying Cashback Site

Then you will see this…and at this point you’ll already have earned £5 from Topcashback simply from signing up via a referral. Sweet!

2017-05-07 11_19_50-TopCashback - Account Overview

Step 4: That’s it! It’s that simple. Now you’re ready to earn up to 40% cash back on your online purchases.

But wait, It’s easy to forget about!

There have been a few times , I’ve totally forgotten to go to the site first done a shop and missed out…so frustrating… but they’ve made it simple for us to earn £££$$$!

Add the Cash Back Button extension to your browser.. It’s free too.

Then when you have money in the bank they can send you a check, bank transfer or PayPal..

I just logged in and this is what it says lol

That’s £377.74 of free money! Nice!

2017-05-07 11_45_57-TopCashback - Account Overview

So if you going to buy things online anyway, you may as well get cash back.

Start your free account here: AND


Here’s how it works

The Girl on a Bike in the Media

Antonaslant’s: Top 10 Biker chicks that you should be following


I’m honoured to have made it into Antonaslant’s “Top 10 Biker chicks that you should be following” Check out the story and the other awesome biker ladies!

Thegirlonabike, known to her friends as Vanessa, 31 from England, can often be seen riding her Harley-Davidson DYNA Street Bob and KTM EXC 200 2-stroke. She first got into motorcycling when she ordered a bike from China, whilst working in the Bahamas. After trading a box of rum for someone to piece the bike together, she’s never looked back. We can certainly say this woman has one heck of a sense of adventure.

Top 10 biker chicks that you should be following Instagram TheGirlOnABike

The Girl on a Bike in the Media

Built Magazine

Built Magazine

After a fantastic long weekend at the 2017  Camp VC girls only camping weekend, I was lucky enough to chat to Built Magazine about how I got into biking.


Buy your issues here: Built Magazine

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If you'd asked me a few years ago if I thought I'd be featured in @Built_Magazine talking about how I got into bikes I'd probably have laughed. However, I'm insanely chuffed to say that it's a reality. A lot has changed in my life since the accident in 2014, but finding motorcycles as a way to fight back in my recovery has been an incredible positive that's brought me to places I would never have even imaged without the accident. I'm mean, TheGirlOnABike wouldn't even exist! Life can throw some storms but I honestly believe that with the right drive there can be a silver lining to every cloud! I want to say thank you toa young all for the energy you give me and for sharing my journey. > If you want to read about my first bike and how I strapped my spear and fins down the side in The Bahamas then grab yourself a copy! > PS – if you buy four copies like me the check out girl will give you really strange looks 😝 . ——————————- Magazine by @built_magazine Mag shots by @raisehellbill Interviewed at @vc_london ride out Bracelet by @rebels_ring Bike by @harleydavidson_uk with kit from @vanceandhines @memphisshades @crusherperformance @mageurope @dragginjeans @hdfootwear ——————————- . #builtmagazine #builtmotor #motorbike #motorcycle #motorbikes #motorcycles #custombike #model #magazinecover #magazinefeature #bikemagazine #HarleyDavidson #mystory #vclondon #HarleyDavidson #ukbikelife #campvc #vccamp #bikergirl #everycloudhasasilverlining #thegirlonabike #womenwhoride #girlswhotravel #tomboy #CrusherPerformance #mageurope #vanceandhines #memphisshades #bikemodel #motocross

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The Girl on a Bike in the Media

View Ranger

View Ranger

Living in England, we have a vast array of byways available for exploring on the enduro bikes. However, the tricky part is knowing how to find them and plotting a route navigating across the country using them. This is where I use View Ranger, and following my love for the system I met up with the guys at View Ranger to talk about how I use it.

A day with @TheGirlOnABike, the biker getting her life back

The Girl on a Bike in the Media

Republican Bike

Republican Bike

Republican Bike

After a wonderful trip to the Dominican Republic [read about it here], I chatted to Republican Bike about my time in the sun with Harley-Davidson’s and horses. Sadly, Republican Bike no longer exists – but it was fun speaking with them.

Click to read about The Girl on a Bike riding in Dominican Republic
The Girl on a Bike with Republic Bikes

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