If you’re interested in working with me or even just having a chat about the options, please do get in touch via email or through my social accounts.

Contact: hello@thegirlonabike.com

Motorcycle loving freelance consultant, writer, influencer and social curator, motorcycle model and racer.

Here’s a summary of my key roles:

Motivational Speaker

In March 2014 I was hit by a red-light jumping car while cycling and in that moment my life changed. My presentation looks at the lessons learned and works to help others through my life-changing story. As an adrenaline sports addict, I was left with a body unable to do anything my previous world had enjoyed. Over the next five years I was on a roller coaster with both my body and mind, pushing to get my fitness back and get as close to a pain-free existence as possible. Six surgeries later, including full reconstruction of my right shoulder and hip, and I’m now finally getting back to doing activities. I’ll never be 100% but I’m certainly going to make the most of life.

My speech initially focuses on coping with the situation you’re dealing with, working to find the positives and the little nuggets to keep you going, and then moves on to help push you forward and pull out the other side, coming out stronger than you ever were. It’s about appreciation for what you have, owning your own mental state and setting goals to keep you moving on your path. I explain about positivity and making the most of the world around us, and my story is wrapped around my discovery of motorcycles and how they helped lift me through the darkness.

Many years of business experience addressing high level contacts in my marketing roles mean I’m an experienced and comfortable public speaker intertwining my journey to bring the lessons to life.

Available to speak to all sizes of groups and can ensure the messaging aligns to the audience. Happy to travel. My talks can be fully catered to the audience and currently run through the eight lessons I’ve learned in my journey.

If I can help just 1 person battle each time I share my story, it makes everything so worth it.

Moto Traveller / Writer

Travelling the world and helping organisations generate authentic brand exposure through writing articles and generating social media presence. I combine my passion for adventure and motorcycles with my extensive professional experience in communications, as well as my existing followership of over 250k views weekly, and connect with national publications to raise awareness for different types of motorcycle tour operators. I work with an array of brands and am available to join events, tours and holiday destinations to help develop brand recognition and entice others to go too, ensuring maximum publicity.

Social Media Consultant

Utilising extensive first-hand social media experience from growing my own personal Instagram brand to over 50k followers, I’m working to support local businesses and upcoming influencers. Consultancy services include a deep dive into company objectives to fully understand the situational analysis, before running a fast-track training session into everything you need to know to be successful on Instagram and Facebook. Training covers the basics of account set up, full functionality, tricks to maximise potential, key tools and apps to use and content strategy, as well as full guidance on hashtags, frequency, Shoppable, stories and, of course, tips on how to win with the algorithm. Identifying real vs fake accounts and the deceptive tricks people use across social media.

Further, my wider experience as an Account Director in marketing, provides a much broader understanding of how Instagram can be integrated as a successful tool in your company strategy.

Flexible individual and group session locations, as well as ongoing support running your channels.

Motorcycle Model

Whether you’re after lifestyle, action or muddy off-road shots I’m at home on or by the bike. With over 10 years of modelling experience I’m at ease in front of the camera, working the poses and following directions.

Capable and experienced rider on a range of bike styles, small and large, on and off-road. Experience includes off-road enduro, trials, rally and adventure riding including large 1290cc models with official off-road training from Triumph Experience Centre and KTM Sweet Lamb. Also comfortable riding road bikes from street, cruising, tourer, adventure, and sport bikes.

With 10 years’ experience riding I’m comfortable interchanging between models on a mix of terrain and riding with confidence – whether that’s sand, gravel, mud, slippery off-road conditions or wet road conditions. Capable riding back and forth doing close-proximity tracking shots following another vehicle and interacting with other road users while maintaining a confident and undistracted riding stance.

Motorcycle social curator aka social media influencer

Utilising genuine growth with engaging and relevant content, I’ve crafted and grown a solid following across Instagram and Facebook. In a world where we’re unfortunately faced with many fake accounts, I’ve worked hard to ensure authentic and consistent content to depict a more realistic reality than those often oh so perfect social media profiles.

I started @TheGirlOnABike [Insta / Facebook] when bed bound after my 3rd surgery following the accident, the first on my hip, and decided that I needed something positive to channel my energy into. Since this day I have continued to share my journey with you, but not just the happy days you expect on social media. I’ve also tried hard to be real, showing the down days the struggles, the days you have to find all your inner strength to even just get out of bed. And as my journey has continued my story has enveloped my love for all things two-wheels, including more recently rally riding and enduro.

As someone sharing my story with the world I’m often looked to for influence on what kit to use, where to go and inspiration on brands to use. I’m very picky about what kit I use and if I collaborate with a brand, it’s only brands I would happily put my name next too. Credibility is at the heart of what I do. Collabroation can range from the basic of kit through to full brand support with sponsorship and natural brand endorsement.

My main goal in life and through my social curation it to make the most of each day and help others do the same, and that often includes using the best tried and tested kit. I wouldn’t willingly call myself a motorcycle social media influencer, but that’s the name the industry seems to pin on those inspiring others to do more, so let’s role with it.

If you’re interested in working with me or even just having a chat about the options, please do get in touch.

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