Vitiligo on my face – psychologically manifestations

While vitiligo is a physical condition changing the pigmentation of the skin, it has far more psychologically manifestations. Coping with the noticeable difference in appearance to what society perceives as “normal” in perfectly poised social posts can be tough. But we all have battles and with vitiligo, for me, getting to grips with the 1st patch was just the start. Every time it spreads, it was a whole new acceptance cycle.

World Vitiligo Day
World Vitiligo Day

The day it hit my face, that was hard. I still recall the tears. The hate I felt looking in the mirror. But I was wrong! It’s not ugly, it’s just different, it is beautiful and these quirky marks just make me unique.

I love my skin, I rock my body patches, I even have a patch that looks like a dinosaur.

World Vitiligo Day
Standing proud with my vitiligo, including vitiligo on face

I choose to camouflage my face, and that’s okay. Finding a process that works took time. It’s a combination of reducing the vitiligo contrast by having no tan, and then a colour base to bring my natural skin tone back. I like a no make-up feel for this colour so use Zanderm wide applicator. It means I can put it on and not be wearing anything, no stains on sheets, fake tans or waking up conscious of no make-up. I then add normal foundation or stay natural, depending on the look I’m after.

MY REQUEST ❤️ Let’s all be a little kinder to each other, don’t look and judge. Let’s teach our children that differences are beautiful and we’ll be one step closer to a better world, not just for vitiligo.

I would love to hear your battles and any vitiligo questions? All Qs welcome – how I cope, toughest part, bonus of having it, yes there are some, what products I use or simply share your experiences?

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