Super Soco TC Max review – life tested

They say you should never underestimate small packages and that’s exactly where the Super Soco TC Max fits. It might be the equivalent of a 125 cc combustion motorcycle and a mere 100kg in curb weight, but don’t be thinking this bike is anything but mighty!

After a week living with the Super Soco TC Max I can say it was a sad day when it left. Within five minutes of pulling away I knew this was a bike that makes smiles. If you’re looking for an insanely economical commuter, small around town run about OR a motorcycle suitable for just a CBT licence then this is a very strong contender. Here’s why I highly rate the Super Soco TC Max.

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The first question people ask is the range. You’re looking at 60 miles at 30 mph. Before you start thinking that’s not far enough please remember the TC Max is designed for an urban commute. The sort of riding where you’re in town, traffic, lights and where the average speed is naturally 25-35pm just because of the urban environment. In these conditions, even adding a short 60mph dual carriage way or country road you’re looking at around 60-mile range.

I decided to take the TC Max for a range test and I actually failed. Not from running flat but because I got tired first! I rode around the urban environment, popped to the market 9 miles away where I sat at 60 for a good little section, I strapped 15 kg of veg on the back and then I rode around every neighbourhood road I could find…mimicking an urban environment….and I still only managed to get down to 49% battery with 33 miles on the clock. I got fired before it did.

With that trajectory I was heading for a 64.7 miles range. As a smaller rider at 62kg + kit, that sounds bang on the manufacturers range. A rare honest approach with an accurate range figure from a brand!

60 miles in urban city riding tested and confirmed

Super Soco charging
Super Soco charging on and off bike


Equipped with a 3-year warranty the 72V 45Ah battery is chargeable with   household plugs.

With a removal battery weighing around 20kg the Super Soco TC Max is super versatile to charge:

  • Either straight into the port on the side of the bike – plug and charge
  • Or remove the battery and take it indoors – into the house or office to charge under your desk or staff room

The bike of course comes with all the charge cables and they sort neatly on the bike above the battery so you can always have charging capability when you’re out.

Super Soco battery
Super Soco battery

No fancy electric charging point is required either, with a standard three-pin plug it takes about 7-8 hours from empty, less if it’s not completely flat.  There’s no option for fast charging at a public charge point, but with the average cost of domestic electricity at around 14p per kW, 50p should see a full charge up. You’re looking at around £1 per 100 miles with this bike.

£1 per 100 miles

Compare that to public transport, seasons ticket or car…

Performance & Motor

This is there the bike really blew me away. Yes, it’s a 125cc equivalent but with the electric torque giving instant availability it makes this a nippy and nimble little bike for around town. The top speed on the open roads is really the only time you’ll notice a lack of power with a 60mph top speed. But in it’s natural territory, an urban environment, you’ll be turning heads with your silent zip away from the traffic lights. Surprisingly fast acceleration you will not get from a comparable scooter or combustion CBT alternative.

The TC Max has a mid-mounted electric motor with a rated power of 3.5kW, which is just under 5bhp, but a maximum power of 5kW, which is 6.7bhp when you open the throttle up.

Yes, it has ‘less’ power than combustion engine but that electric power means its all there instantly.  For comparison…the Ducati Panigale V4 makes 124Nm. It’s certainly not a direct comparison but in an urban environment you’ll have all the power you need to pull away sharply and pull out of corners and roundabouts with a big smile.

Riding in the stunning twisty Welsh Wye Valley I caught up and held the tail of a full-size bike, who definitely knew I was chasing! The bike gripped the road, is easy to pin around corners and the torque sees you pulling out swiftly. Yes, I was throttle pinned on the straights, but the lightweight corner handling made up for it.

Vanessa with Cardo and Super Soco
Super Soco looks

Licence eligibility

You don’t need a full motorcycle licence! This is an ideal learn or first motorbike. It is madness given how nippy and fun it is.

You can ride the Super Soco TC Max on a CBT (compulsory basic training), which typically takes a day, costs between £100-£200 [UK], and is valid for two years.

This makes it an ideal bike for new riders and commuters!

Looks & Styling

Electric is still very new and exciting which means straight away it turns heads. Why?

  • The sound, a near silent bike causes lots of double takes
  • The lack of exhaust pipes – that baffles and causes intrigue
  • It’s poise then tops all this with its slightly aggressive yet friendly styling

It looks like a proper bike not a scooter!

Having ridden the Super Soco TC Max to my local bike night I can confirm that it had some serious attention! More attention than my modified Harley Thug in fact. And riding around you get the friendly head nods from other riders, something you don’t get on a more traditional scooter.

There aren’t many 125 cc CBT learner equivalent bikes you can rock up to a bike meet with and end up with a circle of admirers!

Build Quality

I didn’t find fault here. Everything feels solid and well built. It’s a very affordable bike so you can’t expect the Bentley build, but you certainly get what you pay for. The bike feels reliable and well built.

The font brake cable could do with an additional clip and the locking mechanism on the tank is a little sensitive but nothing major to complain about.

The bike did also get dropped… see this video for that action… and amazingly [and thankfully] there wasn’t a scratch on it. Plus given its weight it was super easy to pick up.

Ease of Riding

The Super Soco TC Max electric offering just inspires confidence. Simplistic controls with no clutch or gears, no foot controls or hot pipes and engine to burn you. A super low 770mm saddle height and mere 100kg weight…Just a simple twist and go, bicycle-style dual breaks, and the lack of sound. It makes for a really easy, completely un-intimidating bundle of fun!

tiny super soco tc max
770mm seat height makes the TC Max a very manageable motorcycle

I took it home and the whole family had a go! I’ve taken many bikes home over the years and never has everyone tried.

family fun with the super soco

A bike that can inspire that much confidence into giving motorcycles a go is a huge hit in my eyes! If you’ve ever felt a little intimidated by the idea or riding this is a fantastic option. It’s small, light, highly manoeuvrable and really, really simple to ride.

Tech on the Super Soco TC Max

The TC Max, other than being the next generation of electric offering, doesn’t coming with any fancy technology. Everything is as you would expect.

A lovely LED display for easy controls on the go. The LCD panel shows the power mode, trip meter, range, and battery life remaining. It’s easy to read and has automatic backlighting for after night riding. I do miss it not having a clock.

the girl on a bike super soco tc max led displate scaled
Super Soco TC Max led display

Power modes

The three power modes change speed restrictions:

  1. level one restricts speed to around 30 mph, although you get full acceleration
  2. level two to an indicated 45mph
  3. while level three unleashes the full beast for some happy throttle fun

The modes are switchable on the move; which means you flow with the traffic, getting maximum range in level one at 30mph in town and know you’re not going to accidently whizz past a speed camera with that electric torque. Then shift up a mode or two for the country roads or dual carriageway.

Super Soco TC Max Brakes

The brakes are 240mm discs but no ABS. However, the dual braking means the braking will support you by activating linked braking with the handlebar, bicycle style brakes. I did a couple of rather sudden stops and I was impressed with the braking power. I took a few minutes to stop pressing my foot for the brakes, but my mind quickly adapted to the handlebar scooter style braking.


A steel cradle chassis with 35mm upside down forks at the front and a mono shock at the rear. The upside-down forks don’t offer any adjustability, while the rear does have adjustable pre-load. If you’re hitting huge potholes, you’re going to feel it, but it’s pretty smooth and comfortable given its designed usage.

Security with the Super Soco TC Max

The bikes alarm is a little pathetic, being blunt. It really is not very loud. It does apply the brakes which is cool, but it’s not going to wake the neighbours. Probably best to get a DataTag, maybe a Moni Moto tracker and a screaming disc lock is always a good shout.

Storage space

Remember this is a little commuter not a pan Africa adventurer. Storage is limited. If you remove the charging cables you could probably fit a small chain for U-lock on top of the battery. I successfully strapped about 15 kg of vegetables to the rear seat on a market run. There’s lots of tie down points. Although the pillion handle is curved so not ideal but still workable for luggage tie down. Some universal strap over panniers would likely work, or you can go classic with a rucksack.

TC Max with bags
15kg of vegetables on the TC Max


This is a small bike so certainly not design for two-up BUT it is totally feasible. I rode with my 85kg husband on the back no problem. It was very rear end heavy and changed the handling as one would expect but it was doable. The pillion had the rear grab hand for holding on but I think I enjoyed it more than him.

Super Soco TC Max For and against


  • Comfortable riding position with bench seat allowing for rider preference on stance
  • Unbelievable off-the-line acceleration for a 125 cc equivalent
  • Superb handling to throw around corners when having some fun – definitely does not feel like a scooter
  • Incredibly light and agile for urban manoeuvring and parking in sight spaces
  • Removeable battery for home or under desk charging + and security
  • Power modes help prevent speeding tickets with restricted top speed and switchable on the move


  • Rear pillion bar great for pillion but the curve makes luggage strapping a little harder
  • Security alarm is very quiet – unlikely to even scare a sheep let alone deter a thief
  • There’s no time display, I know I always have my watch and iphone but it’s nice to glance down and know I’m on time


Absolute bargain! Get £1 for 100 mile range on a bike that is available from £4,249*

Consider current commuting costs and I bet it pays for it’s self rapidly!

*Inclusive of OLEV Plug-in Motorcycle Grant, price without grant £5,311.25 [UK grant]

Super Soco TC Max Highlights

  1. £1 for 100 miles running cost with 60-mile range
  2. Incredibly simple controls with light weight compact design
  3. Poised like a full-size motorcycle and accepted as a bike on road yet doesn’t require a full bike licence

Tips From Experience

  • Enjoy the torque and acceleration but remember the happier the throttle hand the lower the range
  • Take the chargers with you and top up at work or at your friends and you can massively increase the range

Overall Rating

This is a cracking little urban city bike. Super low running costs, incredibly easy to ride and with a range perfectly adequate for the average commuter. With it’s motorbike like styling you can ride without a full licence and enjoy the punchy electric torque. Definitely a strong contender!

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Super Soco TC Max spec

New priceFrom £4249
Engine layoutMid mounted
Engine detailsElectric motor
PowerRated 3.5kW with 5kW peak power
Torque180Nm (133lb-ft)
Top speed59mph (indicated)
TransmissionElectric motor with Kevlar belt drive
Max range to empty (theoretical)60miles (@30mph)
Rider aidsSwitchable power modes
FrameSteel frame
Front suspension35mm Upside down forks
Front suspension adjustmentNone
Rear suspensionHydraulic mono-shock
Rear suspension adjustmentPreload
Front brake240mm single disc, linked
Rear brake240mm disc, linked
Front tyre90/80/17 Cordial
Rear tyre120/70/17/ Cordial
Dimensions1982mm x 740mm x 1031mm (LxWxH)
Ground clearance189mm
Seat height770mm
Kerb weight100kg
Warranty2yrs bike / 3yrs battery

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