Hydraulic Motorcycle Bike Lift Workbench Review


WilTec 300lb 135kg Hydraulic Motorcycle Workbench Lift Bike ATV Stand Jack Table Bench

This is an absolutely fantastic bike lift. It’s small and compact yet highly capable. Being able to jack the motorcycle so high enables effortless spannering with easily hydraulic adjustments. The motorcycle bike lift is rather heavy making it very stable and has clips to hook onto the footpegs for added security. You can see a full tour of our garage here.

Hydraulic Motorcycle bike lift in action

motorcycle bike lift in actionWilTech lift


More details about the WilTec 300lb 135kg Hydraulic Motorcycle Workbench:


This practical Hydraulic motorcycle lift should not be missing in any workshop.

The Hydraulic Motorcycle Workbench Lift table with non-slip hard gum plate and the strong locking springs guarantee a safe stand for repairing or maintenance of motorcycles, roller or mopeds.

The Hydraulic Motorcycle Workbench Lift is carried out by means of a practical foot pump (foot pedal). The lift table can be lowered by using a screw. To avoid an uncontrolled lowering of the lift stand a three-stage safety can be installed.

The generously designed inspection chamber allows also by jacked up vehicles an easy access for changing oil.

The hydraulic motorcycle jack it is perfectly suitable for winter time due to the hydraulic load relieving.e-forme n’est pas possible grâce au guide fileté.

lifting height 35 – 90 cm
lifting table 35 x 41 x 5 cm
piston diameter Ø 24 mm
inspection shaft 7.5 x 18 cm



Having used this for a few years in our garage I really highly rate it. It’s compact to store but hefty enough to get the job done on a decent size bike.




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