Ultimate riding protection with Leatt kit

If you’re wondering what to wear for enduro and hard enduro to keep you safe then you’ve come to the right place. Here are my must have Leatt products keeping me protected.

Leatt protection and Kecks underwear

Partly bionic inside and out! With enduro riding holding its risks here’s how I keep my body as protected as possible… Given my history I know only too well how much it sucks having a broken body (see accident story) and so I know that I’d rather take a financial hit now and protect myself. Instead of waiting for something to happen, like blowing my knee out, and then wishing I’d just bought the right kit!

The body is our home for life so I want to keep mine safe…but I’m not going to let that worry stop me pushing it to its limits riding 浪

Here’s the break down of my kit, I’m definitely a @officialleatt lover and you’ll have seen I’ve had some big falls and been OK 藍: Feet – thigh high boot and knee socks to prevent rubbing by Leatt

Knee – Leatt X Frame guards for full rotation and hyperextension protection plus full impact. Before these I had the Leatt Dual Axis, less protection but still awesome for your first knee guard

Booty – impact shorts to the highest impact rating for hip, thigh and coccyx that are low profile and fitted so no fat ass  – Leatt shorts 3DF 5.0

Upper body – Airfit 3DF body armour including chest, back, elbow and shoulders with malleable protection so it’s mega snuggly to wear. Like a big cuddle of safety

Private area  – kept nice and comfortable with mens @kecks boxers. Absolutely dreamy even for a lady! Trust me! 

The twins  – high impact sports bra. This is just a cheap Tesco @fandfclothing one which have proven to be my favourites £12!

Click the link in my bio to see the kit list on Amazon to save you searching. I do make a small commission for any Amazon buys through their affiliate programme so thank you in advance if you do shop. It all helps me keep the content coming 殺

So what do you wear? Anything I’m missing? Get in touch on Instagram or Facebook with any questions re this kit.

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