Enduro DreamLand Review, Ukraine

Enduro Dreamland Ukraine KTM EXCF 500 Six Day snow riding
It’s the best enduro landscape I’ve ever experienced

After three days enduro riding in Ukraine I can safely say it’s the best enduro landscape I’ve ever experienced. In Ukraine there are no motorcycle restrictions, you can freely roam the rugged landscape, accend which ever mountain you fancy (if you can make it up that is), traverse peaks, cross rivers and ride until your exhausted.

Enduro Dreamland land are fully equipped with an fleet of KTM EXCF 500 Six Days that are in ace condition. You can stay culturally immersed with Sasha and his family or opt for a local hotel (I recommend the home stay, you have your own room and en suite). For me, I got to enjoy an new culture in a new country so removed from my home life, the terrain pushed me, helping refine my riding skills and give me training experience pre Romaniacs hard enduro. And I enjoyed an epic adventure while making new friends. 

And, for anyone worried about the political uncertainty in Ukraine I urge you to read up on things and you’ll realise that where Enduro Dreamland are, 3 hours from Lviv, it’s completely safe. A world away from the conflicts. It’s an incredible country, somehow untouched, authentic and full of wilderness (and more importantly no mass fast food chains and the same old global brands).

I would 110% recommend Enduro Dreamland land and guarantee I’ll be back to Ukraine with them again soon!

Dreamland is a very well suited name!

Enduro Dreamland Ukraine KTM EXCF 500 Six Day snow riding

Check out some of the terrain