Cardo Systems Packtalk Black edition

Launched July 28th 2020 the Packtalk Black edition is a slick new version of the known and trusted Packtalk from Cardo Systems – the leader in intercoms. As a Cardo user for several years I’m a huge fan and certainly recommend, but what’s this new Black edition? Read on to find out!

Cardo Systems Packtalk Black edition
Cardo Systems Packtalk Black edition

Utilising the latest Cardo technology, the Packtalk Black ups the styling with a slick new all black design, upgraded sound and robust waterproof unit.

Here are the Packtalk Black edition key features:

  • Dynamic mech communications
  • Waterproof
  • Sound by JBL as standard
  • Natural Voice Operation


  • Three-year warranty
  • Stylish and sleek Black design

Here’s my full Cardo Systems Packtalk Black review:

Dynamic mech communications

Dynamic mech communications [DMC] mean the Cardo Packtalk Black, like with all Packtalk models, utilises the latest in intercom technology. Providing a superior range, audio quality and reliability the DMC allows for up to 15 riders in a self-healing mesh. Each unit in the mesh becomes a hub with a hub-to-hub range of 1600m in perfect conditions, or 1000m more practical real-life range. These hubs form a chain that can span up to 1000m apart – that’s a long chain! If someone drops out of range the rest of the group can continue unimpacted, with automatic re-joining the moment range allows. You can also have private subgroups within the main DMC group, allowing for private chats with chosen buddies or pillion in your group. The simple app enables group creation in a few clicks, which will then forever be remembered by each unit, connecting automatically in the future.

This technology makes for the ultimate in reliable riding communications for riding with friends.


Designed to go wherever you take it, the Packtalk family is waterproof and ready for the adventure. Whether its sleet, dust, mud or rain the unit will be happy. I’ve even fallen in a river before and the intercom was definitely less bothered than my motorcycle.

Robust and ready for the adventure.

Sound by JBL as standard

Previously the JBL speakers have been an optional upgrade for an additional cost, however the Packtalk Black comes with the high quality JBL 45mm speakers as standard. Enjoy deeper tones, more rounded music and crisper voices from the highly reputable JBL speakers. Suitable for most motorcycle helmets from road, adv, off road, trials and hard enduro riding!

Yes they really do make a difference, well worth it if you like your music.

Natural Voice Operation

With motorcycles ideally needing two hands on the bars to safely operate, the Cardo natural voice recognition is there to ensure that is not compromised. With highly tested software and a range of languages simply speak inputs “hey Cardo…” to your headset and let it do the work for you. I’ve personally not got on too well with voice control as I’ve found my voice confuses it. I’ve found it starts doing things when I was actually talking to someone else. But it is very handy – or not handy as you say – when I am actually speaking to it.

Voice control, leaving your hands where they should be – on the bars.

Cardo Packtalk Black Design

The slick black styling of the Packtalk Black is a key feature of this special edition model. With slick lines and all black finish will match any motorcycle style – especially if you love black!

Charge and use

Never worry about running out of juice for two reasons

  1. The Cardo has superb market leading battery life – I’ve never had it run out before my day was up, and I’ve done some long days!
  2. Should you run low or be unable to charge over night you can plug in and use the Cardo while using it

Coming with a 3-year warranty rest assured you’ll be looked after with Cardo. I’ve had my unit’s years and never had any issues.

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