Toro Trail Review

When winter hits it’s cold, it’s wet, dark and it’s pretty darn miserable but that also means it’s absolutely epic for enduro riding! The wet slippery, muddy terrain is off road riding heaven. Well if you like that kind of thing. For some this sounds more like their idea of hell so how about a long weekend in the sunshine for some mid-winter riding?

Introducing Toro Trails in Spain. With a brand-new fleet of 2020 Husqvarna motorcycles, including four and two-stroke, it’s a moto retreat just a short drive from Malaga airport in Southern Spain. The Toro team have nailed the ultimate weekend offering for two-wheel lovers. Fly in, borrow all the kit, stay in the villa equipped with pool, hot tub and onsite catering for bacon roll breakfasts and fresh coffee, and then of course enjoy the epic riding southern Spain has to offer.

Toro Trail, Malaga

They even manage to nail the boring stuff. Imagine a safety briefing that includes “Wheelies? We LOVE them…if you can do them. Otherwise, don’t, you’ll die!” Giggles all round.

I’ve had multiple trips out to ´Torassic Park´ – named due to its rather spectacular entrance gates, and I simply can’t get enough. It’s an absolutely ace set up. Toro Trail have nailed the full package for the ultimate moto getaway from busy life at home. A short flight to Malaga and you’re in a beautiful Spanish villa with a pool and a fleet of new Husqvarna enduro bikes, all the kit and the ultimate riding terrain.


  • Gorgeous villa
  • Beer fridge
  • Pool and hot tub
  • Latest Husqvarna FE 250, FE 350 and TE 300i enduro bikes
  • Full kit including body protection, boots, helmet, googles, kit, gloves and rucksack
  • Experienced mechanic and guiding team
  • Onsite breakfast including proper English bacon
  • Knowledge of the best restaurants for lunch, dinner
  • A shed load of banter
  • Access to Andalucia trails minutes from base


With endless terrain and a range of bike sides, including four and two strokes, Toro Trail can cater for any level of riders. From absolute off road newbies to experienced riders. No matter on your’ ability they guys will find the terrain to suit and have years of experience helping you improve your skills. Riding starts near immediately from the house giving a mix of large fire tracks, small single track, technical and sweeping riverbeds and more hill climbs and descents that you can shake a stick at. One of their really popular routes even takes you to the beach for a seaside lunch.


Lyndon, the man behind it all, is an absolute hero and has gathered together a fantastic team of very capable riders to make for the best experience. With full accommodation and all the desired facilities on site it’s incredible. If you’re wanting a long weekend away and some off-road fun, this is the place to go.

One thing to add, is that they also offer enduro tours in Morocco and Portugal. I’ve only experience they Spanish tours and highly recommend.