Jarvis Signature Tours Spain Review

Graham Jarvis, the legend Extreme Enduro rider and probably the first name that comes to most riders’ minds when they think of the crème de le crème of enduro talent. And it just got better…the legend has started a series of Jarvis signature Tours, with the first in Spain.

Set up by an absolute legend, if you want riding progression and an epic adventure this is the place to go.

Riding progression and an epic adventure GUARANTEED

The first thing to mention is that by going to Jarvis Signature it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to ride with the man himself, Graham – you can but the dates are limited and you of course pay more. I had an absolutely incredible time there even without him. Graham has years of riding experience to teach, however he’s also still a full-time professional rider and so had equipped his school with some absolutely nails riders to stand in and deliver the ultimate hard enduro coaching.

The Team

The main guy to mention here is Luke Copestake. He’s an experienced hard enduro rider and more akin to a mountain goat on a bike than one of us mere mortals. Luke has a great knack at being able to translate what he does riding into tuition and steps that you can apply. For the very, very large majority of riders you’re going to learn as much progression from Graham’s team as you will from him as he really has employed a fantastic calibre of guys so don’t threat if you can’t get a date with Jarvis.

Taking your riding to the next level

Depending on your goals they’ll push you as little or as much as you like. Nail some new skills or simply enjoy some chilled riding, either way you’ll have one hell of a time.

They’ve cornered the market for guided tuition trail riding for sure and I think the tuition really is the reason to head to Jarvis. Yes, it’s an amazing experience riding in Spain, but the big push for me is the riding development. Many tour operators can give you the odd tip but being able to really push you, spot your bad habits and take you to the next level is rather unique for the Jarvis offering.

Jarvis Signature hard enduro training
Yes… I rode up that!

The team will push you as hard as you’re wanting to go!

Here’s a video from my Jarvis Signature Tours experience:

You can see how hard they pushed me, within my limits but outside my comfort zone. It was incredible.


In terms of bikes Jarvis of course has his factory racing hat on, opting for a fleet of the latest Husqvarna enduro bikes from across the range of sizes. They’re made of hard enduro!


In terms of location they couldn’t be close to the trails, in fact, you don’t even need to set a foot on roads. Straight out of the private compound and the trails start. They’ve got an ace setup too in a beautiful Spanish villa set in the remote mountains. I think the only thing they’re lacking after a tough day hard enduro riding is a pool or hot tub but then again, a few days our enduro riding certainly isn’t a spa break.

Jarvis Signature tours villa
Jarvis villa in Spain

Jarvis Signature Tours Spain Facilities:

  • Gorgeous villa
  • Rockstar energy fridge
  • Latest Husqvarna enduro bikes
  • Full kit rental
  • Experienced hard enduro team including Luke Copestake
  • Onsite breakfast
  • Enjoy lunch at local restaurants
  • On side hard enduro course
  • Access to Andalucia trails straight from base

Terrain at Jarvis Signature Tours

You’re off-road immediately from the house with a mix of large fire tracks, small single track, technical and sweeping riverbeds and more hill climbs and descents that you can shake a stick at. You even have the chance to hard enduro style conquer rocky riverbeds, it’s incredible.

How far can you push it with Jarvis Signature Tours?

A huge attraction to me here is that Graham’s team know what it takes to push your riding to the next level. That means the guys know and are familiar with putting you into terrains that can at times be a big step up for you. But it’s ok, they are right there with you! They assess your capabilities and quickly know where they can safely push you. It’s not about reckless fun as at the end of the day no one wants to come home broken, and they certainly don’t want damaged bikes. But they do know how to safely push the limits and will talk you through exactly what needs to be done.

How to get there

Fly into Malaga in southern Spain and the team will collect you from the airport.

Check flight cost and availability here.


In four days riding I learned more like a few months’ worth of progression. Graham Jarvis you’ve made something special here! Just a short flight to Malaga and you’re there. This is the place to train!

Jarvis Signature Tours Contact:


Here are some of my favourite photos from our trip with Jarvis Signature Tours Spain:

Here’s some video from my Jarvis Signature Tour hard enduro training

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