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Crusher Performance Maverick Air Cleaner Intake Review

How it startedCrusher Performance logo

I often find myself drawn towards big mean shiny looking things.

Kind of like how a magpie homes in on items glistening in the sun. And I guess that’s exactly where it started with the Crusher Performance Maverick air cleaner! It’s big, it’s bold, and it shines. Plus, from my experience, Crusher Performance, part of the MAG Europe custom family, is a lesser known brand over here in England. This ultimately means when you rock up with their kit you get an extra level of intrigue from others as they’re racking their brain to work out who it’s by. I love that. For me, Crusher was a perfect fit, something slightly different, something that demands attention while stepping away from the main-stream look.

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This heavy-breathing air cleaner is designed for engines with pony power up to 150hp and from its core is designed to deliver the power you’ve been hungering for. The design factors a high-flow curved entry to the throttle body, tuned for optimum performance.

I’ve got it combined with some 2-1 UpSweep Vance and Hines pipes and the FP3 FuelPak and as a pair ‘boy do they rock’. I never feel my engine struggling for power.

In terms of the filter, Crusher has worked with K&N, one of the ultimate global brands for filters, to design high-flow filter element that’s washable and reusable. So you’ll be set for years.

Improved intake. Improved performance.

Sorry, California guys, it looks like your emissions mean you can’t get this in the State! Come to England and buy it.

Look & Styling

With a forged premium grade billet aluminium finish, this intake has a very aggressive look. Its bevelled design combines satin matt black looks, stainless steel mesh inserts with brushed stainless. What I love is how Crusher has specifically designed it to ensure all the mounting points are out of sight too. The centre mount is concealed by the sexy Crusher badge, which dominates across the middle. For me, the balance between the ‘oh so trendy’ matt look and the eye-popping chrome is just right. The intake looks poised and demands interest.

The intake is available in satin mat like mine or chrome for those who like some extra bling. It’s also probably worth mentioning that the Maverick air cleaner is the latest addition to Crusher’s flagship Maverick range which includes exhaust components and heavy-breathing air cleaners.

Build Quality

The intake feels high- quality, with its beautifully forged aluminium to the attention to detail on invisible mounting points. Crusher have also teamed up with K&N who have a resounding reputation for high quality filters, which to me gives it an extra stamp of approval.

Superb piece of kit.

Ease of InstallationInstallation of Crusher Performance Maverick air intake Harley Davidson StreetBob

I genuinely think anyone could install this; even someone with no history is able to do any form of bike maintenance or of mechanics. The kit comes with clear and detailed instructions providing a step by step guide to installing. For me, it probably took 15 minutes to remove my old one, clean the area whilst it was off and bolt on the Crusher Performance Maverick.  The only disadvantage was the absence of torque values for the mounting bolts.

Crowd Reaction

It actually amazed me how much attention this beast has had on my Street Bob. I frequently get people eyeing her up and asking specifically who the intake air cleaner is by – it’s rather satisfying. For my Street Bob, it’s a thing of beauty. The curves of the tank, the flow of my 2-1 UpSweep Vance and Hines pipes, the light popping on the vinyl wrap. Beautiful! And then you have the air intake, boom; aggressive, balanced, and commanding attention. Perfect.


Priced on the higher end of the market, you’re paying for the aggressive looks, highly refined air flow and head-turning implications of having something outside of the mainstream.


  1. Aggressive looks
  2. Simplistic design
  3. Killer sound and air flow

Tips from Experience

  • When installing, pay careful attention to the backing plates and the order for fitting – I managed to miss one and had to remove it and start again. Smooth…
  • Remember to consider whether your bike will need re-tuning to ensure the fuel metering system is set for optimum performance on changing the intake. Risks of not tuning could be to the detriment of items such as your O2 sensors.

Overall Rating

Refined yet aggressive beauty combined with raw power. Certainly not one for the faint-hearted.

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