BMW GS R 1250 Rallye review – life test!

This is part 1 of my BMW GS R 1250 Rallye review. It’s one thing knowing the stats but it’s another living with a bike and seeing how it fits within everyday life. So here’s life with the BMW GS R 1250 Rallye.

The review covers 1,000 miles including a motorway trip to Devon, fun around Dartmoor, fords, torrential rain, Costco shopping and general life. Averaging 200 miles a day I lived with the GS for a week. I always thought the BMW GS was a jack of all trades, trying to do it all but never really good at anything.

After a week living with the BMW GS R 1250 Rallye I can say I am going to miss it. I’ve never experienced a bike where a a 3 hour ride with no stop is something comfortable. It’s fast, yes it’s huge, but it’s incredibly capable. Even the dogs and horses loved it on my trip to Dartmoor.

Key highlights for me:

  • Comfort – incredible bench seat, huge fairing, heated grips and lovely seated position
  • Power – very smooth delivery with very controllable power both low down at slow speeds but also top end
  • Safety – kitted out with the latest technology this bike does everything it can to help support a safer motorcycle experience

Here’s why I highly rate the BMW GS:

Part 2 of my review is the technical review – video coming soon!

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