Swapping my bike for a 4×4 – Land Rover Defender

Well, that escalated! My number of wheels seems to have multiplied. This is a brand-new series…no, I will NOT be leaving bikes but there is room for more vehicles in life.

The girl on a bike Swapping my bike for a 4x4 10

I’m teaming up with the experience of Bowler to join their Customer Training program as a brand ambassador for 2023 and taking on the challenge to complete the UK rally series in this 2.3-tonne 300hp monster!! Have I ever raced 4×4 before? NO! But heck, everyone has to start somewhere, and with Bowler, I’ll have more experience than you can shake a stick at to coach me from zero knowledge to racing…so let’s go!!

This is part 1 – experiencing what the base model Land Rover Defender can do at the Eastnor training facility in England. I’ll take you behind the scenes of what a day with Land Rover looks like and this is the first step in my Bowler rally journey. Learning how the base model vehicle runs with the huge magnitude of technology inside that makes it so blinking capable…is so that when I get in the 300hp Bowler Defender rally car with ALL the technology turned off… I can tell the difference. Yikes.

If you’re new to my page – it’s more than just dirt bike riding and racing, I’m on a mission to prove that nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough. See more about my story plus read about my life changing accident, which started it all.

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