Morocco Desert Challenge a 3000km extreme desert race

This is a 3 part series showing you the real behind the scenes of one of the toughest races out there; the Morocco Desert Challenge. I’ve entered the full rally raid class, so up there riding with the pros, and it’s a full on 8 day moving bivouac race.

In part 1 you’ll see what goes into getting to the start of the race and taking on the prologue. The prologue is designed to be a ‘short’ 150 km ish day with a special stage. The times in the SS are then used to seed the riders into the first full day of racing.

Successful day based on..

1. I didn’t vomit with nerves at the start line

2. I made the prologue finish line

3. I didn’t get lost

4. I had fun

5. I 3 million % fell in love with my new bike he’s a beast but just gorgeous to ride, even in the sand


6. I came 25th overall!!! Mad stoked with that.

Watch part two here: Biggest crash of my life

Watch part three here: My eyes have never hurt so bad…

Watch part four here: I had to pee while riding….

I mention my Tunisia Desert Challenge series where I was the first female to ever enter and first to finish, I highly recommend watching:

Part 1:    • Must watch!! Tunisia Desert Challenge…  

Part 2:    • Must watch!! My bike DIED and left me…  

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More Information:

I’m riding Big Buddy for the Morocco Desert Challenge!! After just one shake down ride the only way to describe him is like sex on wheels. He has to be the nicest bike l’ve ever ridden!! Quite possibly swayed by knowing the adventures we’re going to have together with the first race being the MDC. He’s a brand new KTM 450 rally replica with some key modifications:

– @ktechsuspension set for my weight    / @k-techsuspension  

– @michelin desert bib mousse and tyres to ensure zero punctures    / @michelinglobal  

– Caulfield custom made seat for a happy Vanessa bottom

– @talonengineering custom wheels…

– Cross Country ADV mega rally pegs

– And my own personalised graphics designed by me

– Custom tool kit hidden under the seat @tengtools with my emergency flare:    / @tengtools3639  

Weighing in at 175kg he’s going to be much lighter than the Tiger in the dunes [see 1000 Dunas series for me racing the 900 Rally Pro] but a lot more capable than my little Honda rally bike [see Qatar rally video]. lt’s time to up my game and ride with the big boys. I’m road with Desert Road Racing as my bike support, rally mechanics and all round knowledge pool as I take my rally riding to the next level. This was a BIG rally.

the girl on a bike morocco desert challenge KTM rally replica vanessa ruck

KTM 450 Rally Replica review:

For more information on details shared in the videos:

– Cardo Intercoms 15% off use

– Desert Rose Racing: I highly recommend

– Active Collagen 20% discount with link: or 10% off use UPVRUC10

– Tail Wind nutrition:

If you’re new to my page – it’s more than just dirt bike riding and racing, I’m on a mission to prove that nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough. See more about my story plus read about my life changing accident, which started it all. 

You can find me Vanessa, The Girl On A Bike over on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and YouTube, and 

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