Live stream your tuition as you ride

You’re set on nailing this new skill. You’ve had the full download step-by-step on what to do from your buddy and you’re ready to try it again. There are at least 4 different things you need to seriously focus on to get it right. Body forwards, arms straight, elbows up, feather the clutch, look up, momentum. They’ve run you through it and you’re ready…

But then as you pull away it happens. The mind goes poof and before you’re even lined up your racking the mind for what to remember. As you’re riding in you’ve forgotten the arm position, reverting to your classic way. You can hear your buddy faintly in the background shouting reminders, but nothing can be deciphered over the sound of your heart racing and engine revving. You don’t make it.

Now let’s try this again with the Cardo training system in play. You’ve had the full download tuition and you’re pulling away. But you’re not pulling away from the tuition, only physically, because installed in your helmet is the Cardo intercom allowing your buddy to continue to guide you through with up to a mile range. As you ride on you can hear their gentle reminders, elbows up, more gas, and suddenly your mind is able to process all the instructions and before you know it….you’ve made it up. The small tweaks from their observations enable you to focus and get all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Cardo Systems Packtalk Training Intercom

The fact of the story is that the human mind is incredible but when given a list of steps to follow while the heart is racing stretching your skills…it simply struggles to retain it.

This is where intercom connections can be incredibly useful for accelerating the progression. With live as you go input from your buddy or coach you can refine and improve as you go. And even better you don’t have to stop and regroup to get more tips. The tips are like a live stream in your headset. Sounds intense? No, it’s fantastic and you can always shut the volume down and crank up your music if you have too much.

I’ve been out training at Pascuet Off Road Centre with Jordi Pascuet and Jarvis Signature Tours and having the intercoms has certainly accelerated my learning. It simply facilitates an easy tutorial environment. If you’re both riding simply use the normal helmet mounts, but if you have a buddy or coach on the ground off the bike, the training headset rocks. No need for them to stand in a helmet just to chat.

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Live stream your tuition with Cardo.

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