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With a Harley-Davidson, it’s rare to see two machines the same and that’s because the customs market it so huge, so vast, that you can literally do anything to your bike. But what parts should you pick?


Since an early age cars, engines, bikes, and even small tractors have been an interest for me. The most things with an engine got my attention! I grew up with my Grandfather Gordon Procter who was well known for his love of fast cars, and my father definitely picked up that love and passed it on to me. I was always interested, always looking and absorbing what was around me and when I got my first car, I definitely knew it would be my first proper project. It wasn’t anything fancy, but I threw all my hard earned waitressing money at it with induction kits, body changes, pipe systems. I made it mine. One day if there is enough demand I might post a photo of it!.

I guess once the world of motorbikes, and especially Harley-Davidson’s , came into my world it was inevitable that it would be the custom route. I love the satisfaction of changing, modifying, improving and being so attuned to your machine that you’re at one. Now, I know my bike is not exactly a full-on custom. However, we all have to start somewhere! For me, the customisation of my ride is something that takes time, careful forethought on which route to take and money [which doesn’t grow on trees!].

Ultimately, when I’m picking parts it all comes down to these things:

  • Performance
  • Look & Styling
  • Build Quality
  • Ease of Installation
  • Price
  • Crowd Reaction

Check out my reviews:

Coming soon…

  • Vance and Hines ShortShots exhaust pipes
  • Memphis Shades Hand Guards
  • Performance Machines Pegs & Hand Grips
  • Harley-Davidson USB charger
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