How to Change a Bib Mousse Foam Insert Tube – Full Dirt Bike Tire Change Tutorial

With correct working methods and proper tools, a Rabaconda, a mousse tire change can be an easy 4-minute job. This process represents the everything I’ve learned from an array of YouTube videos into a process largely following the  @Rabaconda  3-Minute Tire Changer method but super easy for anyone. You don’t need to be a pro to do a tyre in sub 5 minutes! And that’s axle to axle! If tyre changing is your hate, then this is the video to watch. Here’s a full how to tutorial video with all the top tips to get your tyre changing time down to as near to the 3 minute pro time as possible.

Using this process I’ve got my time down to 4 minute 22 seconds!!

For a full Rabaconda review please see here.

Rabaconda and levers from and tyre by Michelin Motorsports.

If you’re not into videos please keep reading for a step-by-step written process to changing a tyre with the Rabaconda tyre changer:

  • Set up Rabaconda – estimate 2.5 minutes
  • Set up according to your wheel size, I’m using an 18-inch tire for the demo and I already have it here set up at the 18-inch marker
  • Recommended to have sprocket down and the disc side facing up to give you more room to operate the tire irons
  • Loosen rim lock – do not removed, instead lossen to the last couple of threads. Keeps it in place but easy to work around
  • Position the rim lock opposite the bead breaker system
  • Grab a tire iron and use the straight end for dismounting. The straight end is easier to insert. It is stronger. And later, it is easier to get them out between the tire and the rim.
  • Using a double motion action – grab the Rabaconda handle and position the bead breaker as close to the rim as possible. Sometimes the mousse can be really hard and it’s so difficult to get the tire irons between there. The key here us to put your body weight as close to the end of the green lever as you can for full leverage, simultaneously pushing the tire iron. It’s best done with one quick and strong double movement.
  • Using four levers place them in using the same method roughly a 4-inch or 10-cm distance between the tire irons.
  • Now, quickly check if they’re nicely engaged. If you pull and they don’t slide out, then it’s all good.
  • With really hard mousse, there’s also one trick to get the tire irons flipped easier. You need to brake the bead from the opposite side. This will allow the tire to come over the rim more easily.
  • Now leverage the tyre off. Grab one in the middle first If and the other one in the middle. If you grab the ones in the middle first, then those two here won’t slide out. If you start with the one on the side, the other ones might slide out easily. Now you can see the straight ends come out easily between the tire.
  • Now that you have about a quarter of the tire dismounted, it’s time to flip around the tire. Flip around the wheel
  • Position the section which is just dismounted tyre under the bead breaker. Grab the handle again and start pushing the tire off.
  • With force but being careful not to rip the tyre you can dismount both sides of the tyre using the Rabaconda
  • Once you’re at the rim lock, change the Rabaconda setting and push behind the rim lock, it should slide off effortlessly
  • It’s actually possible to mount a new tire without taking the old one off. But I’m mounting the same tire here for the demo purpose.
  • Prepare your mousse as normal – do your homework here
  • Ensure your tyre is the right way if directional
  • With rim lock opposite Rabaconda arm, engage the rim lock and then using one lever to get the bottom of the tyre on. Once on you should see no mousse on the top,
  • Position rim lock directly under Rabaconda arm and use first lever using curved end. Hook this under the Rabaconda lever holder
  • Now using two levers work around the tyre pulling it on. Big chunks at first getting smaller
  • At the 2 and 10 o’clock position place a lever in the removal position. This will hold the tyre low in the rim to allow easier rim lock installation in a moment
  • Continue around the tyre
  • Once at the rim lock using a level leveraged on the brake disc push the rim lock in – and in the same moment push the Rabaconda down onto the tyre edge. Engaging the tyre in full
  • Tighten rim lock and refit to bike.

Here’s me using the Rabaconda for a 4 minutes 22 second tyre change:

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