Taplink discount code – 10% off

Taplink discount code – 10% off

The Taplink discount code is a must have url creator for your social needs

The magic is Taplink is it allows you to custom design a single landing page with all the key places you might want to send someone from your social profiles. Consider Taplink as your one link for multiple destinations tool. Taplink helps you create a high-converting landing page for your business on Instagram in 10 minutes. Use numerous marketing features to increase your sales too. Use the below Taplink discount code to get 10% off.

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the girl on a bike taplink discount code

More about Taplink

One of the problems with Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms for bloggers and marketers is the lack of options for adding links in either posts or in the profile. You get one single link with Instagram but that’s quite limiting.

Taplink is a solution for marketers, influencer, and bloggers to the problem of marketing multiple channels, offers, and messages on Instagram with just one external URL.

Taplink gives us the ability to add not only multiple links, but social networks, application forms, signup forms for emails, contact forms. And it also gives us what we call Micro Landing Pages. These pages are almost like mini websites, which are launched directly from the Instagram profile link.

This gives us a great opportunity to connect with our audience in the way that they prefer to connect. Add a Skype button, a WhatsUp connection, Facebook messenger, or any instant messengers. Add a contact form or links to your YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest profiles. You can even other Instagram profiles, embed videos, and have payment forms and HTML code. It’s just a really great way to connect with your audience and sell more products or offer more opportunities for your visitor to know you better.

You may have heard of Linktree and Taplinks’ setup procedure and the user interface is cleaner and easier to use.

  • Capture leads
  • Increase chances of conversion
  • Link to other social networks, sales pages, and blog posts
  • Take payments, orders, and questions

If you are looking to get Taplink you can save some money in the process, with my TapLink discount code: TheGirlOnABike10 in the discount box!

You can also see this TapLink discount code over on WeThrift.

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