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Cardo Systems discount code – 15% off

The Cardo Systems discount code Packtalk Bold is my must have helmet accessory of choice

If you’re wondering about if intercoms are for you then this video will help answer that question – then use my Cardo Systems Discount code link. In my review I talk through why I choose to use intercoms from the safety, social and practical reasons, and then also discuss why the Cardo Systems Packtalk Bold is my helmet accessory of choice.

For Cardo Systems discount code use link HERE for 15% off Cardo and use code “TGOAB

Full Cardo Systems discount code on Packtalk Bold review for road, adv, off road, trials and hard enduro riding! You can also see the new Packtalk Black edition model here.

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U Perform discount code – active collagen 20% off

U Perform discount code – active collagen 20% off

With the long list of proven health benefits I am a daily taker of active collagen and did extensive research before going with U Perform. As a subscribed taker I am able to share a U Perform discount code for 10% with all my friends.

To use the U Perform discount code click here – 20% off subscriptions and 10% off one off orders.

Or use the U Perform discount code when you shop “UPVRUC10

I have been taking active collagen every day and in just two weeks I could feel the benefits

U Perform dicount code
U Perform discount code

More on U Perform and why you should use the U Perform discount

U Perform’s protein rich formula contains two science-led, evidence backed Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, in a convenient 30ml dose at the lowest online price.

Using our vast experience in human physiology and sports performance, we wanted to create the best collagen product available at the lowest price, ensuring that you get visible results, which meant using bovine Bioactive Collagen Peptides® in a great tasting gel for optimum absorption.

Our unique blend of two Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, vitamins and minerals, contribute to the maintenance of ligaments & tendons, soft tissue repair, and protein synthesis. Recovery after exercise is essential for muscle and tissue repair and strength building, make Active Collagen part of your daily routine.

Not only does our collagen gel have a great tasting citrus flavour, we are also currently the most competitively priced from just £1.82 per day for 8000mg of Bioactive Collagen Peptides® per sachet/day.

U Perform’s advanced Bioactive Collagen Peptides® formula also contributes to the normal function of skin, hair, nails and bones. So not only will you feel great, you’ll look great.

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Compex discount code 30%

Compex discount code – including SP 8.0

Compex discount code “VRCOMPEX” 30% off


Optimizes your strength and endurance, helps you recover faster, while helping to avoid injury and treating pain.

Compex is something I have used a lot in my physio recover from hip surgery and highly recommend, hence offering a Compex discount code.
Designed for athletes, SP 8.0 is the TOP of the range in terms of wireless muscle stim. Connectable and modular, SP 8.0 includes the brand new mi-Autorange feature that continually brings you better results. You can upgrade to the SP 8.0 WOD Edition, which comes with tonnes of additional extras.

Compex S.P 8

When to use it

Most commonly used to warm up muscles before exercise, the Compex SP Wireless 8.0 can also be used to warm down after exercise and to treat pain when recovering from injury. So regardless of whether you are training to run around the world or are still suffering from a recurring shoulder complaint, the Compex SP Wireless 8.0 is an ideal tool in your fitness arsenal that will aid recovery and enhance performance.

Use it for

  • Massage and oxygenation
  • Body building and increase strength
  • Treat muscle strain and provide pain relief
  • Targeted muscle stimulation
  • Resistance
  • Toning, firming and shaping
Vanessa Ruck aka TheGirlOnABike & Compex
30% off Compex Fixx 2.0

Compex discount code VRCOMPEX 30% off

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Praep ProPilot discount code 15% off

Praep ProPilot discount code 15% off

I train regularly with the ProPilot and highly rate it. For a full review please see my Praep ProPilot review here. I’m super happy to share a 15% discount with you with a Praep ProPilot discount code.

For 15% off Praep use “VR15” shop at

What is the Praep ProPilot?

In short, it’s a bike handlebar balancing device, but in reality, it is so much more. The handlebar is mounted on a central unit with three difficulty settings, each giving more or less stability and wobble. The harder the setting the tougher the workout. Designed by bikers the ProPilot is designed specifically to support off the bike, bike fitness. There is a free app to use in conjunction which provides a selection of workouts, exercises, challenges and games! Yes games. My favourite is Game of B.I.K.E.

What I think of the Praep ProPilot

The ProPilot turns monotonous workouts into fun and efficient training sessions, improving your coordination and stamina on the bike. I’m full on addicted, playing daily and seeing some serious strength gains in a short period of time.

Get one ordered and start the fun!

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Adventure Bike Rider Festival ABR discount tickets 5% off

Adventure Bike Rider Festival ABR discount tickets 5% off

Adventure Bike Rider Festival

The UK’s Greatest Ever Celebration of Adventure Biking

If you’re into bikes, into adventure and enjoy meeting like minded people…then ADV Festival is a must for your calendar – you can get ABR discount tickets. Having attended in 2019 and 2021 I can hands down say it’s the best biking event I’ve ever been to. Big brands and bike demos, off road training, a mega adventure track to play on, fiery little enduro loop, camping, camp fires, live music, shopping and great food. Did I mention the epic estate it’s held on too? I’m not sure what else you could wish for in a weekend. I think the bit that nailed the event the most was the vibes. Blinking good vibes! Genuine bike lovers surrounded by bikes and just there for a good time. I’m definitely going to be back!

Use “GOAB5” for 5% off Adventure Bike Rider Festival discount tickets

Adventure Bike Rider Festival discount tickets

What’s on Adventure Bike Rider Festival discount tickets

  • ABR Festival returns to Ragley Hall Estate on the 24-26 June 2022
  • Organisers promise to make festival a premier motorcycle event
  • A host of on and off bike activities return including masterclass sessions, off-road schools, inspiring guest speakers, greenlane rideouts and live music
  • The 20km long AX41 Adventure Trail to now include a beginner’s loop
  • The REV’IT! stage to host a full line-up of the UK’s best party and tribute bands
  • 2022 on course to sell out with thousands of riders expected

Get your ABR discount tickets here and use “GOAB5” for 5% off:

Billed as the UK’s greatest celebration of adventure biking, the Adventure Bike Rider Festival will return this summer, and organisers have promised their best event yet.

Set in the magnificent grounds of the Ragley Hall Estate on the 24-26 June, the show will open its gates to thousands of like-minded riders for three days of biking action and festival entertainment.

This year’s festival will be a far-cry from any antiquated ‘park-up and shop’ biking rally. As ever, the show promises to deliver a premium visitor experience, with a host of on and off bike activities for visitors to enjoy.

Returning for 2022 will be a packed schedule of masterclass sessions, off-roading schools, inspiring guest speakers, live music, and crowd-favourite, the AX41 Adventure Trail. As with last year, this exclusive 20km off-road trail will take riders through the stunning grounds of the Ragley Hall Estate. The trail presents visitors a perfect way to experience off-road riding but in a friendly, non-competitive environment. The trail will also offer a beginner’s loop, something new for 2022, which will be an ideal introduction for riders looking to build some confidence before tackling the larger track.

The REV’IT! stage has also seen a significant overhaul with a full line-up of the UK’s best party and tribute bands playing throughout the weekend. Performances from Detroit Soul Collective, Texan Peacocks, Dr Feelgood, Definitely Mightbe (Oasis), Let There B/DC (AC/DC ), Fleetwood Mad (Fleetwood Mac), CODA (Led Zeppelin), Who Are You (The Who), Quo’d (Status Quo) and The Stones (Rolling Stones) can be seen over the Friday and Saturday of the festival.

Within the Adventure Village, will be dozens of the best motorcycle and adventure brands with the likes of BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzui and KTM already confirmed. The village delivers the perfect opportunity to shop the latest gear and speak to industry experts, ready for your next adventure.

Facilities within the festival have also been improved with over fifty catering venders added, serving a variety of street food options to visitors throughout the weekend. The tradition of providing reasonably priced beer at £3-a-pint will continue to be honoured too.

Throughout the campsites and festival grounds will be fully serviced toilets and hot showers, and for those opting to not camp in a tent there are glamping and nearby accommodation options available.

One of the major draws of the festival is the incredible and welcoming atmosphere which offers a real sense of community. A lot of effort from the organisers has gone into providing a quality experience, delivering an event that they too would be happy to attend. When thousands of people with a common interest come together to make new friends and create memories, something special happens.

Founder of the ABR Festival, Alun Davies, stated, “I’ve always viewed the ABR Festival as a feelgood celebration of motorcycles where we are all (that’s industry and public) in it together, and that’s what we are going to continue to deliver. Following on from the success of the 2021 ABR Festival, the aim is to keep growing the event at the magnificent Ragley Hall and provide outstanding facilities for the industry and public alike. It was mentioned in 2021 that the ABR Festival had the vibe of Glastonbury with motorcycles. And with that in mind we’re working flat out on the 2022 Festival which will feature more live music, more festival attractions and more riding opportunities. In short, I’m determined to make the ABR Festival a premier motorcycle event we can all be proud of.”

Tickets for the 2022 ABR Festival are still available but are selling fast, with every previous festival selling out weeks in advance. Discounted three-day weekend tickets, with camping included, are priced at £114 and can be purchased directly from Ticket holders are covered by a ‘Coronavirus Guarantee’ ensuring that if event is postponed because government enforced restrictions, purchasers have the choice of rolling tickets over or claiming a refund.

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Quad Lock discount code – 10% off – thegirlonabike

Quad Lock discount code – 10% off – ‘thegirlonabike’

Quad Lock is the strongest and most secure mounting system in the UK that integrates your smartphone into an active lifestyle. Save 10% with the Quad Lock discount code – ‘thegirlonabike’.  The unique approach of integrating the mounting interface into a slim and durable everyday case allows the Quad Lock mounts to be much smaller than any other mount on the market.

Automatically get 10% off with this link –

Once a crowdfunded start-up making phone mounts for cyclists, Quad Lock has grown to become an international name. The Melbourne-based company launched right around the time the iPhone was finding its feet and has since expanded its product offerings to allow the vast majority of smartphones to be mounted securely to bicycles, motorbikes, inside cars and even on office desks.

Water resistant and featuring a dual stage lock, you can ride with confidence knowing your smartphone is securely mounted to your bike. Compatible with all Quad Lock Motorcycle Mounts and Wireless Charging Devices. USB Charger. The Moto USB Charger integrates seamlessly into your Quad Lock Motorcycle Mount.

Is Quad Lock good?

Quad Lock works. It is efficient, reliable, and strong. I’ve got mounts for each of my bikes and cars. I love that it is secure and with a simple twist is locked into place and then it can be removed just as easily.

What is Quad Lock?

Quad Lock, as it’s called due to the four tabs which are integral to the patent pending system, is a unique solution which allows you to securely and conveniently attach your smartphone to your bike, car, or arm and that’s just the start of the many mounting options available. Get 10% off with the Quad Lock discount code.

Get 10% off your order with Quad lock discount code “Thegirlonabike”

Quad Lock Universal Bike Kit mounted
Quad Lock Universal Bike Kit mounted

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Kecks discount code 10% off

Kecks discount code 10% off all underwear orders

As an athlete get the most comfortable underwear is vital to your performance. Having something chaffing, rising up, moving or rubbing can really niggle at you as you’re doing your best to compete. I’ve been wearing Kecks for hard enduro and I highly rate them so here is a Kecks discount code so you can rock them too. It might sound strange for a girl to wear mens underwear but it’s been designed for comfort and that’s what it gives us ladies too.

With a seamless design and some of the most out there designs I’ve seen in the underwear world they’re a must have for your bum.

For me I like the length as it gives full skin coverage below be Leatt impact shorts and meet with my Leatt knee socks to ensure I’m comfortable,

Get 10% off your Kecks order with “GIRLONABIKE” at

Kecks underwear discount code with Vanessa ruck

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Moto Verde Discount code: 15% off “GIRLONABIKE15”

MotoVerde Discount code: 15% off “GIRLONABIKE15”

If you’re looking for the best cleaning products for your motorcycle then look no further, MotoVerde [formerly Pro-Green MX] is the only product I’ll use. Make sure you use the 15% off code when shopping to save yourself some money with MotoVerde discount code.


  • 100% SALT-FREE

MotoVerde products have been created with your ride in mind. All of their products have been developed by them in the UK to give you the safest and most effective products on the market that are easy to use on your bikes, vehicles and watercrafts. Although all of our cleaning products are salt-free, they are tough on dirt but gentle on any sensitive materials meaning you can use our range on paints, plastic, aluminium, carbon fibre and anodised parts. All of their products reflect quality including the best seller Arm-Pump, helping you feel and look like a champion!

motoverde discount code
MotoVerde cleaners

MotoVerde discount

Save 15% off your motorcycle cleaning products with this MotoVerde discount code / voucher. Get the best cleaning products out there, totally salt free, and benefit every time your bike gets dirty with the leading products in the market.

I’m also excited to say I’m now a Brand Ambassador for MotoVerde! I guess I do clean my bikes a lot so it makes sense! I highly recommend MotoVerde products for all your washing needs.

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motoverde discount code the girl on a bike
Range of MotoVerde cleaning products

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Custom Fit Guards discount code – 10% off

Custom Fit Guards discount code – 10% off

The Custom Fit Guards discount code hearing protection is a must have accessory for motorcycle riding

As a rider our ears are often neglected in our protection. We use chainsaws with hearing protection etc, but on the bike many neglect their hearing. I’ve been riding with custom molded ear protection for years now. It’s comfortable, fits under my helmets and with inbuilt filters, I can hear everything I need. The filters work to protect your hearing from the damaging sounds, such as wind noise which can seriously fatigue the hearing. I’m a big fan or custom Fit Guards, hence offering a Custom Fit Guards discount code to others looking to save their hearing for the future.

For Custom Fit Guards discount code use link HERE for 5% off Custom Fit Guards

Or use code “GIRLONABIKE” 10% off

More about Custom fit Guards

CUSTOM FIT GUARDS are one of the leaders in development and manufacturing of custom fitted hearing protection, ear plugs and in ear monitors. The company prides itself on manufacturing unique products and aiming to please every customer with great service and adaptable items. Time to join TeamCFG.

Mini review

One of the really cool features that is unique to the CF Auto V2, is that it gives the rider the option to choose whether they want the noise lessened or blocked out completely. The design team at CFG have craftily combined 2 of their most popular plugs, the CF Auto (lets in minimal sound in by utilising a filter) and the CF Block (blocks around 30db as CFGs most protective plug) into one product, giving the rider choice with their protection level. Having the filter uncovered is perfect for road riding so you can still be aware of traffic sounds and having the filter covered is ideal for track since you’re usually sitting at eye watering RPM whilst giving it the berries.

Comfort wise, as a custom molded option, they fit my ear lugs perfectly. The material they are made of is surprisingly soft adding to comfort. After initially putting my lid on, you’ll find you quickly forget their there in after a few minutes of riding as they don’t dig in anywhere.

The manufacturing processes uses soft medical grade silicone enabling the ear plugs to be very comfortable and be a perfect match of your ear impressions. Each earpiece is individually moulded to your ear which gives a much more comfortable fit compared to off the shelf products you can pick up on a budget.

If you are looking to invest in yourself and save some money in the process, you can use my Custom fit Guards discount code: “GIRLONABIKE” in the discount box!

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Physiolab discount code – £25 off

Physiolab discount code – £25 off “VR25”

Physiolab discount code VR25 giving £25 off any order at

The Physiolab is a class 2a medical device for managing pain, swelling and inflammation. This means it is ideal for post-surgery rehabilitation and also recovery from sports. Though an intensive form of icing it aids and accelerates the body’s healing process. Something called cryotherapy, which all sounds a little technical – but it is effectively a technique that involves applying an extremely cold temperate to a localised area of the body for several minutes. The Physiolab gives this application of cooling and compression, which is very widely known and commonly used for the treatment of pain, swelling and inflammation.

To simplify that, the Physiolab straps around you with a special pack for different body parts and using a combination of air and water compresses on to you. This applies a very even pressure to your body and then the ice-cold water is pumped, providing localised cooling.

The Physiolab offers:

  1. Accelerated healing
  2. Easy home application for frequent effortless healing
  3. No running costs, just recovery

For a full understanding on PhysioLab please see my review here. My Physiolab review comes from genuine experience through three hip surgery recoveries using it.

You can find the VR25 discount code over on WeThrift too.

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Physiolab icing discount code
Physiolab icing