MoniMoto discount code – motorcycle security – 10% off

MoniMoto discount code – motorcycle security – 10% off

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Monimoto Device is powered by 2 single-use, long-life batteries, so it doesn’t rely on your motorcycle’s battery power source like wired trackers do. It requires two CR123A batteries that can be purchased on Amazon or many major convenience stores.

Monimoto calls your phone


Monimoto calls your phone in less than 1 minute if movement is detected and there is no paired key nearby. Phone call is more effective in attracting owner’s attention than just a push notification or text message.

Monimoto is easy to set up


A very quick and easy initial set up procedure via our iOS or Android mobile app wizard, which only takes about 10 minutes. All you need to do is remove plastic straps from the Key fob and the Monimoto device itself and set all things up on Monimoto App. Batteries and SIM card are already included.

Monimoto sends GPS location coordinates


Monimoto sends its GPS location coordinates to your phone, should the motorcycle be moving and your paired Key is not around. Location details are sent to the App so you will also be able to see all the previous locations in the event log. GPS location is updated every 5 minutes when Monimoto is moving or every 1 minute if Live tracking mode is selected.

Monimoto does not required any wires


Monimoto is a compact, stand-alone Device, so there are no installation costs involved and it will not affect your motorcycle’s warranty. This also means that you can easily move your Monimoto Device from one motorcycle to another.

Monimoto automatically arms and disarms itself


Monimoto Device auto-arms itself when you leave your motorcycle, and disarms as soon as it detects your paired Key fob. No need to set any geofences on the App or click any buttons on the Key fob whatsoever. This means you will never forget to activate or deactivate the Device.

Monimoto works globally


Monimoto comes with the SIM that covers North America and Europe. It works with at least two different GSM service providers in most of the countries and with the help of Monimoto algorithm always chooses the strongest signal in the area.

Manage your Monimoto with mobile app


Everything can be done from our mobile App for iPhone and Android phones: Adjust device sensitivity, pay for the GSM service, see battery level, contact Monimoto support and other Device management actions.

Monimoto uses CellLocate technology


Monimoto has a special technology for those cases when it’s taken indoors and when GPS is not available in the area. We use CellLocate developed by U-blox. This technology determines the approximate location of Monimoto Device based on the distance from the surrounding GSM towers.

Monimoto is easy to install


Monimoto comes with releasable plastic zip ties so it can be easily attached to a motorcycle frame or other stable part. No need for complex installation manuals – you can do everything by yourself even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

Use for 10% off with MoniMoto motorcycle security products – MoniMoto discou

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