MoniMoto discount code – motorcycle security – 10% off

MoniMoto discount code – motorcycle security – 10% off

Use for 10% off with MoniMoto motorcycle security products – MoniMoto discount

More about MoniMoto discount code


Monimoto Device is powered by 2 single-use, long-life batteries, so it doesn’t rely on your motorcycle’s battery power source like wired trackers do. It requires two CR123A batteries that can be purchased on Amazon or many major convenience stores.

Monimoto calls your phone


Monimoto calls your phone in less than 1 minute if movement is detected and there is no paired key nearby. Phone call is more effective in attracting owner’s attention than just a push notification or text message.

Monimoto is easy to set up


A very quick and easy initial set up procedure via our iOS or Android mobile app wizard, which only takes about 10 minutes. All you need to do is remove plastic straps from the Key fob and the Monimoto device itself and set all things up on Monimoto App. Batteries and SIM card are already included.

Monimoto sends GPS location coordinates


Monimoto sends its GPS location coordinates to your phone, should the motorcycle be moving and your paired Key is not around. Location details are sent to the App so you will also be able to see all the previous locations in the event log. GPS location is updated every 5 minutes when Monimoto is moving or every 1 minute if Live tracking mode is selected.

Monimoto does not required any wires


Monimoto is a compact, stand-alone Device, so there are no installation costs involved and it will not affect your motorcycle’s warranty. This also means that you can easily move your Monimoto Device from one motorcycle to another.

Monimoto automatically arms and disarms itself


Monimoto Device auto-arms itself when you leave your motorcycle, and disarms as soon as it detects your paired Key fob. No need to set any geofences on the App or click any buttons on the Key fob whatsoever. This means you will never forget to activate or deactivate the Device.

Monimoto works globally


Monimoto comes with the SIM that covers North America and Europe. It works with at least two different GSM service providers in most of the countries and with the help of Monimoto algorithm always chooses the strongest signal in the area.

Manage your Monimoto with mobile app


Everything can be done from our mobile App for iPhone and Android phones: Adjust device sensitivity, pay for the GSM service, see battery level, contact Monimoto support and other Device management actions.

Monimoto uses CellLocate technology


Monimoto has a special technology for those cases when it’s taken indoors and when GPS is not available in the area. We use CellLocate developed by U-blox. This technology determines the approximate location of Monimoto Device based on the distance from the surrounding GSM towers.

Monimoto is easy to install


Monimoto comes with releasable plastic zip ties so it can be easily attached to a motorcycle frame or other stable part. No need for complex installation manuals – you can do everything by yourself even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

Use for 10% off with MoniMoto motorcycle security products – MoniMoto discou

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Zanderm discount code Vitiligo Make-up 10% off

Zanderm discount code Vitiligo Make-up 10% off

Use Zanderm discount code VR10 for 10% off

I choose to camouflage my face, and that’s okay. Finding a process that works took time. It’s a combination of reducing the vitiligo contrast by having no tan, and then a colour base to bring my natural skin tone back. I like a no make-up feel for this colour so use Zanderm wide applicator. It means I can put it on and not be wearing anything, no stains on sheets, fake tans or waking up conscious of no make-up. I then add normal foundation or stay natural, depending on the look I’m after. Here’s a full how to on my vitiligo face camouflage process.

Zanderm discount code will give you 10% off all purchases from – the ideal vitiligo camouflage make up. I use it daily and swear by it.

You can also see this Praep code over on WeThrift.

For more on my life with vitiligo see here.

About Zanderm:

Vitiligo Makeup – Long Lasting Camouflage

The Zanderm Vitiligo Concealer helps you instantly cover vitiligo spots with just a few easy strokes. It’s mess-free and smudge resistant. It dries quickly, resulting in long-lasting coverage you can rely on. This natural, dermatologist-tested makeup for vitiligo is hypoallergenic and gentle, making it a great way to manage vitiligo symptoms.

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The Girl on a Bike in the Media

Teng Tools Magazine cover with The Girl On A Bike

Getting Organised in the workshop

Here’s my dream garage as seen in the Teng Tools Magazine.

In 2017 we broke ground on a mission to build our dream garage. Living in a 2-bedroom end of terrace utilising all the available space was key to enabling us to fit a double garage…no more motorbikes in the dining room and conservatory! Six months later and we had the making of our new haven, soon to become the most used space in the house but it just wasn’t quite there… Then, 2020 saw us jump in and our dreams materialised. A full Teng Tools set up with eye catching red units and a comprehensive set-up of tools all housed in the EV foam. We got organised and lock-down gave us the perfect gift of time to get it all sorted.

the girl on a bike Teng tools Michelin rabaconda dream garage
the girl on a bike Teng tools Michelin rabaconda dream garage 3

As home hobby mechanics and motorcycle racers we’re always in the garage tinkering. Over the years we had built a sporadic collection of odd tools but it was always a hunt when we needed one. That darn 10 mm spanner…

Some call if OCD but I call it organised and the best way to get a job done.

When we’re doing a job, whether that’s a full two stroke rebuild or simple brake service, knowing exactly where the tools are makes things so much easier. We have everything organised with ergonomics in mind. The most used tools ready at arm’s reach, the mobile toolbox all set to deploy into the trailer for races and a set up of our dreams.

We knew our garage kit would be one for life, tools we would spend hours and hours of our lives using so we wanted the best. The thought in design, the precision in machining and quality of the finish. Going Teng Tools, it was a no-brainer.

the girl on a bike Teng tools Michelin rabaconda dream garage
The Girl On A Bike – The Dream Workshop – Teng Tools

Lock-down fun has included:

  • Getting those finishing touches organising the garage done, such as mounting the pit tool case on its own shelf, organising our enduro kits, creating a mobile island for working, getting the tools settled in the best draw configurations
  • Expanding the family with a new garage hoover, Charlie, to keep things tidy
  • Upgrading all security to keep us sleeping sound
  • Changing tyres with my Rabaconda
  • Mowing the lawn, watching the lawn grow and waiting to mow it again…
  • Loo roll challenge… as simple as kicking a loo roll into a toolbox…yeah I’ll stick to motorbikes!
  • Setting up a slack-line in the garden
  • Standing admiring our Teng Tools

You can read the full Teng Tools Magazine here.

You can see a full tour on my YouTube, or see mini garage tour or the full extended garage tour


Proto-col discount code 10% off

Proto-col discount code 10% off – VR10

If you’re super high quality beautiful products and health supplements then I highly recommend Proto-col and here is a Proto-col discount code for 10% off all purchases – VR10

Proto-col are a British brand delivering results-driven skincare and wellness innovation. Science guides their research and development and in turn, informs their use of collagen and its proven ability to support the natural ageing process. This inside-out approach delivers results you can see, feel and trust.

I take the Colostrum Powder for immune systems support – specifically to see how it helps my vitiligo. Vitiligo is a autoimmune disorder so I thought it was worth at try.

Proto-col discount code

Proto-col discount code for 10% off all purchases – VR10

Founded in 2003 by elite athlete James Greenwell
The Proto-col range was born out of personal experience. Competing in international modern pentathlon, James tore an Achilles tendon late in his career. Collagen was instrumental to his recovery. After retiring from elite sport, he launched the Proto-col brand with a collagen supplement and a wealth of ideas.

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Compex discount code 30%

Compex discount code – including SP 8.0

Compex discount code “VRCOMPEX” 30% off


Optimizes your strength and endurance, helps you recover faster, while helping to avoid injury and treating pain.

Compex is something I have used a lot in my physio recover from hip surgery and highly recommend, hence offering a Compex discount code.
Designed for athletes, SP 8.0 is the TOP of the range in terms of wireless muscle stim. Connectable and modular, SP 8.0 includes the brand new mi-Autorange feature that continually brings you better results. You can upgrade to the SP 8.0 WOD Edition, which comes with tonnes of additional extras.

Compex S.P 8

When to use it

Most commonly used to warm up muscles before exercise, the Compex SP Wireless 8.0 can also be used to warm down after exercise and to treat pain when recovering from injury. So regardless of whether you are training to run around the world or are still suffering from a recurring shoulder complaint, the Compex SP Wireless 8.0 is an ideal tool in your fitness arsenal that will aid recovery and enhance performance.

Use it for

  • Massage and oxygenation
  • Body building and increase strength
  • Treat muscle strain and provide pain relief
  • Targeted muscle stimulation
  • Resistance
  • Toning, firming and shaping
Vanessa Ruck aka TheGirlOnABike & Compex
30% off Compex Fixx 2.0

Compex discount code VRCOMPEX 30% off

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Cardo Packtalk Black discount – 15% off all other Cardo

The Cardo Systems Packtalk Black discount code is yet to be available on discount – the Packtalk is my must have helmet accessory of choice

For Cardo Systems Packtalk Black is unfortunately not yet available with a discount code but use this link HERE for 15% off all other Cardo buys

Launched August 28th 2020 the Packtalk Black edition is a slick new version of the known and trusted Packtalk from Cardo Systems – the leader in intercoms. As a Cardo user for several years I’m a huge fan and certainly recommend, but what’s this new Black edition? Read on to find out here or watch the video below.

If you’re wondering about if intercoms are for you then the below video will help answer that question. In my review I talk through why I choose to use intercoms from the safety, social and practical reasons, and then also discuss why the Cardo Systems Packtalk Bold is my helmet accessory of choice.

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Physiolab discount code – £25 off

Physiolab discount code – £25 off “VR25”

Physiolab discount code VR25 giving £25 off any order at

The Physiolab is a class 2a medical device for managing pain, swelling and inflammation. This means it is ideal for post-surgery rehabilitation and also recovery from sports. Though an intensive form of icing it aids and accelerates the body’s healing process. Something called cryotherapy, which all sounds a little technical – but it is effectively a technique that involves applying an extremely cold temperate to a localised area of the body for several minutes. The Physiolab gives this application of cooling and compression, which is very widely known and commonly used for the treatment of pain, swelling and inflammation.

To simplify that, the Physiolab straps around you with a special pack for different body parts and using a combination of air and water compresses on to you. This applies a very even pressure to your body and then the ice-cold water is pumped, providing localised cooling.

The Physiolab offers:

  1. Accelerated healing
  2. Easy home application for frequent effortless healing
  3. No running costs, just recovery

For a full understanding on PhysioLab please see my review here. My Physiolab review comes from genuine experience through three hip surgery recoveries using it.

You can find the VR25 discount code over on WeThrift too.

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Physiolab icing discount code
Physiolab icing

Kecks discount code 10% off

Kecks discount code 10% off all underwear orders

As an athlete get the most comfortable underwear is vital to your performance. Having something chaffing, rising up, moving or rubbing can really niggle at you as you’re doing your best to compete. I’ve been wearing Kecks for hard enduro and I highly rate them so here is a Kecks discount code so you can rock them too. It might sound strange for a girl to wear mens underwear but it’s been designed for comfort and that’s what it gives us ladies too.

With a seamless design and some of the most out there designs I’ve seen in the underwear world they’re a must have for your bum.

For me I like the length as it gives full skin coverage below be Leatt impact shorts and meet with my Leatt knee socks to ensure I’m comfortable,

Get 10% off your Kecks order with “GIRLONABIKE” at

Kecks underwear discount code with Vanessa ruck

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The Girl on a Bike in the Media

U Perform Ambassador Spotlight – Vanessa aka @thegirlonabike

U Perform Ambassador Spotlight – Vanessa aka @thegirlonabike

I am super honoured to say U Peform have featured me in their Ambassador Spotlight. Here’s waht they had to say:

For our first Ambassador Spotlight, we would like introduce to you Vanessa, aka @thegirlonabike, a hard enduro rider who’s battled through from a life changing accident.

Here’s Vanessa to tell her story:

Vanessa: 6 years ago, in a single moment, life as I knew it was taken away by the momentary lapse in judgement of a red-light-jumping car while I was cycling. As an incredibly fit athlete prior to this, the world as I knew it changed.

U Perform: What you experienced was a serious incident. Recovery must have been an equally challenging experience for you? 

Vanessa: My recovery to fitness took a little over 5 years with 6 major surgeries and I’m now partly bionic with a reconstructed shoulder and hip. There is not a day that goes by where I’m not aware of the physical implications. From simple things like getting stuck in a tight jumper because my shoulder doesn’t function like it used to, to pushing on through pain picking up a 100kg motorcycle in the mud. 

In many cases, pain is the body’s way of telling you to stop and rest, however once you’ve had significant injuries it’s possible that the pain just never really goes away. If I always listened to the pain and rested, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am now.

U Perform: Can you sum up what you have you learnt from this experience? And what have you done to support your recovery and your body?

Vanessa: The body is a really darn complex thing but with the right love and attention it can do wonderful things. As part of my recovery, I decided to start taking U Perform Active Collagen. Most will think of gorgeous smooth skin and wonderful hair but that’s not why I’m on it…although I don’t complain for those benefits.

I’m on it because collagen contributes to the maintenance of ligaments and tendons, soft tissue repair, and protein synthesis, so recovery, healing and a smooth working body! My hip, something I battle with every day is ready feeling the benefits. I honestly, don’t think I will ever stop taking it and wished I had discovered it ten years ago!

U Perform: We know our products are fantastic. But what you made choose U Perform?

Vanessa: U Perform was the obvious choice for me! You get what you pay for and with U Perform Active Collagen I know I’m getting an athlete level dosage to give me the largest possible gains collagen can give.

U Perform: What are your goals for this year?

Vanessa: With my 5th hip surgery on June 6th my 2020 goals are to get back on the bike and then I’m going to be pushing by body hard to hit @redbullromaniacs and @hellasrally on my Husqvarna TE 250i motorcycle.

My body, my one home for life, is getting all the love I can give it and U Perform Active Collagen is fundamental to that journey.

To follow Vanessa on her journey and to find out more about how U Perform is supporting her, check out her social media and website.

As seen on

The Girl on a Bike in the Media

BBC Radio Pause for thought – the power of a simple hello

BBC Radio Pause for thought – the power of a simple hello

As heard on BBC Radio Oxford

My pause for thought stems from a simple hello. I remember as a child growing up, we lived on a cul de sac, we knew all the neighbours, parents chatted, kids roamed from garden to garden. All happily bonding as a community. You’d walk to the local shop and say hello to people simply because you both lived there, not necessarily because you knew them. Fast forward 25 years, yes, I’m giving my age away, but the world feels  really different. People busy going about their own business, no time to stop or even pause to smile. Head down, often with headphones or eyes glued to screens. An aerial video would probably look like the organised chaos of ants, all going about their own business, seamlessly passing and ignoring each other. But then something happened…

The power of smiles

Lock-down hit and the world was turned to four walls at home. Human contact was removed from our every day lives. Yes, video calling boomed but that animal instinct need for physical interactions was not taken away. I noticed something magical though, at least in Oxfordshire, when social distancing for walks in the park and essential trips started to pick up, interactions seemed to change. A once almost awkward hello from an over friendly stranger has now become something of the norm. I go out for a walk now and everyone seems to smile, people even use their voices and say hello. Hello to total strangers. It’s almost the total opposite, before the odd person who said hi was strange, now it’s the odd person who doesn’t say hi that comes across as strange! We’re all waving, nodding, smiling and actually acknowledging each other. It’s almost like the lack of connection has awoken a whole new appreciation for human interactions, even if it is with a stranger. It is lovely.

I like to think of it as the smile ripple. Just like a drop in the pod rippling across the surface of the water, so too can our smiles spread. My mum would tell me a smile costs nothing but can bring so much joy, so much so it can totally uplift a person’s day. And, smiling at one person, will most likely lead to them feeling a little warm glow, which leads to another smile, and another. And before you know it one smile has brightened up the lives of a whole handful of people, just from a friendly hello.

As life returns to a new form of normal, I hope this new energy for politeness and positive human interaction will continue. Let us all smile at the next person we see.

Thank you for reading my pause for thought as heard on BBC Radio Oxford

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