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Wheels and Hills: The Dirty Dozen: Top 12 motorcycle YouTubers

I’m blown away to have been included in this list! WOW:

Extract from Wheels and Hills:

I invite you to the only such list of the twelve most-liked motorcycle filmmakers on YouTube. The ranking was prepared according to proprietary and proven ‘me like it’ methodology. 

Without further ado, here is a list of ‘The Dirty Dozen Wheels and Hills’ – or the top 12 motorcycle YouTube channels you need to know. Youtubers were presented in a non-alphabetical and random order.

Let me know in the comments if there is someone you did not know before, and what motorcycle YouTube channels you think are worth subscribing to.

4. The Girl On A Bike 

Her life changed in 2014 when she was hit by a car. Since then, after 7 surgeries (including shoulder and hip reconstruction), she has set herself the goal of getting the most out of her life. Addicted to motorcycles with a passion for seeking adventure and perfecting her skills. On YT you will find it in the garage or in the saddle. Vanessa from the UK is a strong player who always tries new things with a smile, travels, reviews and has the garage you’ve always dreamed of.

Others in the list include:

1. Cross Training Adventure

2. Cross Training Enduro

3. Megs Braap 

5. Itchy Boots


7. Enduro Krzeszowice 

8. Enduro KeX


For the rest or the top 12 motorcycle YouTubers please head to Wheels and Hills here:

Here’s my most viewed YouTube video of 2021 too:

the girl on a bike vanessa ruck news media top motorcycle youtubers
the girl on a bike vanessa ruck news media top motorcycle youtubers

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I'm a bike loving, free spirited adventurer born and raised in England. Life took a turn in 2014. In a single moment life as I knew it was taken away by the momentary lapse in judgement of a red-light-jumping car while I was cycling. My recovery to fitness took a little over 7 years with 7 major surgeries and since that day I've made it my goal to make the most out of life. My biggest goal is to help encourage others to get up and get out there. It doesn’t matter what it is, but we all start somewhere and if I can do it, so can you! Let’s make the most of life, what we do have around us and have fun doing it.

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