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UK Daily: the first British woman to finish a route on a big adventure bike

As seen in The UK daily: Vanessa Ruck, also known as The Girl on a Bike, reached the finish of the 1000 Dunas Rally on her adventure bike.

She battled dry river beds, camel grass and rough terrain for seven days over a distance of 1,500 km. “Most people were there on more typical smaller rally bikes. I was part of a very small group of crazy people on big bikes,” Ms. Ruck said. “The terrain was incredibly challenging at times and it’s a real struggle to recover a bike over three times your body weight in soft sand.”

Portsmouth graduate Vannessa Ruck during the 1000 Dunas Rally in Morocco.

Ms Ruck, who is passionate about off-road racing, rode her Triumph Tiger Rally Pro 900 from the factory to the start point in Granada – and jumped right in without much preparation. The course took the riders through the Moroccan desert to Merzouga before heading back to Spain.

Ms Ruck faced several challenges on the arduous course as she rode with teammate Aled Price. She said she had to make part of the journey – 180km – alone as Mr Price’s bike broke down with a burnt clutch.

The girl on a bike vanessa ruck 1000Dunas

She added: “We had a section of small, uneven dunes covered in camel grass where Aled and I were in full survival mode.

“We were getting tired, so it was a team effort to recover the bikes until the unthinkable happened: Aled’s clutch burned out. The bike was dead.

Portsmouth graduate Vanessa Ruck became the first British motorcyclist to complete the 1000 Dunas Raid Rally on a large adventure bike. Pictured is her with Aled Price at the desert rally finish line.

“As I drove off and left him to the rescue, I knew I was riding for my life. My heart was racing and it took every bit of determination, strength and struggle to get through it. Being alone in a desert on a bike like that was brutal and the heat, fatigue and anxiety build up very quickly.”

Riders are ranked based on their navigation accuracy and when they complete each stage. Ms. Ruck finished eighth out of eleven Hard Trial finishers and battled on her heavy 900cc adventure bike while users used lighter vehicles.

Ms. Ruck hopes her performance has inspired other women. She added: “Sure I have to fight a little bit harder, I’m smaller and not as strong as a man, but women absolutely can do that and it’s a very powerful feeling.”

Portsmouth graduate Vanessa Ruck during the 1000 Dunas Rally in Morocco.Portsmouth graduate Vanessa Ruck at the start line of the 1000 Dunas Raid Rally.Portsmouth graduate Vannessa Ruck during the 1000 Dunas Rally in Morocco.

For the rest of the UK Daily article see here.

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