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Twowheel Cool: The 1000 Dunas Challenge is undertaken by “The Girl on a Bike”

As seen in The twowheelcool: Triumph will accompany Vanessa Ruck as she takes on the Spanish sand dunes as part of the 1000 Dunas Challenge.

  • ‘The Girl on a Bike’, Vanessa Ruck, to embark on grueling 1,200km cross country rally raid on Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro motorcycle
  • Vanessa’s love for motorbikes began seven years ago while recovering from a cycling accident as a new way to quench her thirst for adventure
  • Aiming to be first female 1000 DUNAS RAID finisher riding a standard adventure bike.

British motorcycle rider, racer and adventurer, Vanessa Ruck, 36, is pushing herself to new limits with the 1000 DUNAS RAID in Spain. Taking place this weekend (22nd – 29th October 2022) between Granada, Spain and Morocco, Vanessa – also known as ‘The Girl on a Bike’ – is set to take on the challenge on a Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro motorcycle.

The girl on a bike vanessa ruck 1000 Dunas Challenge

The 1,200km cross-country rally raid will take several days to complete and involves traveling across unpredictable terrain, with loose rocks, ruts, riverbeds, and sand dunes to navigate masterfully. A roadbook is provided to traverse the route, putting navigational know-how to the ultimate test, while a wrong turn could land the rider in serious trouble. Mechanical and riding skills are critical to finishing the epic challenge.

Vanessa found her love for motorbikes seven years ago while recovering from a cycling accident. After a lengthy recovery involving multiple surgeries, she found a new way to quench her thirst for adventure with motorcycling, and never looked back. Having no previous rally experience, Vanessa became the first woman to have ever competed in the Tunisia Desert Challenge and has competed in numerous rallies since, including the notorious Red Bull Romaniacs, Qatar Baja and Rallye du Maroc. She has since made it her mission to break barriers and expectations, whether through upskilling her knowledge of motorcycle mechanics or mastering unforgiving terrain. If she completes the 1000 DUNAS challenge Vanessa will be the first female competitor riding a standard adventure bike. 

Ms. Ruck commented, “THE 1000 DUNAS RAID is a momentous challenge, not simply due to the terrain, which is physically enduring, but also the mental strain it takes to navigate the route. I’ve chosen the Tiger 900 Rally Pro as it is the ideal companion for me to step up the challenge and push the limits of what both motorbikes and I can do.”

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