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Teng tools: Important Factors For Hand Tool Storage Optimization

As seen in The tengtools: She certainly understands how organizing a toolbox is essential for enhancing work productivity, saving time at the workplace, and preventing accidents because she is an incredibly good motorbike rider.

Proper storage of tools helps ensure they are easily accessible and in good condition, which in turn helps prevent any mishaps on the job or in your workshop. These are our key takeaways to highlight the importance of considering a well-structured tool storage solution, both for the sake of productivity and safety.

The girl on a bike key considerations hand tool storage optimisation
  1. The way others do it today might not be the way you want to do it.
    You do you. The TengTools toolkits are incredibly flexible and over time you need to work out what are your most used tools and what tools you use in combination with each other. Once you’ve put them in you might realize “Actually, I need that with that” and you will be ever evolving and optimizing the toolkit.
  2. Make sure that the tools that you’re using the most frequently are the most accessible.
    Depending on the type of work that you’re doing, you might be on your feet, you might be moving around a vehicle, you might have a stool that you’re working on, you might be a short person or a tall person etc. Factoring that in as to what height drawer you put your most used tools is going to be important one.
  3. Put tools in imperial sizes together.
    Depending what sort of jobs you’re doing it seems logical, but you could also…
  4. Put tools “like for like”.
    Spanners with spanners and sockets with socket wrenches.
  5. Factor in a little bit of extra space.
    Give loose things all those odd screws a home as well.
  6. Reorder and shuffle around.
    The good thing about loading drawers in a tool kit is that it’s not permanent. You can put them in, start working, see how it feels and shift things around constantly adapting and improving your layout for your working style.
  7. Try and have a little bit of logic and similarities in how you fill your drawers.
  8. For example, I’ve put my organizer tray in the left-hand corner of both drawers which means I’ll very quickly get into the habit of knowing “back left is where my organizing tools are”.
  9. Think about the weight.
  10. It’s worth trying to have the heavier tools down low. That’s going to help the overall weight of the cabinet for its stability. Although TengTools offer incredibly stable cabinets there’s nothing wrong with helping it out.
  11. Think about the size of the trays.
  12. The tools in the trays are not all the same height. Trays with big tools like large sockets won’t fit in the thinner drawers so make sure they’re in the right drawers to make sure they close properly.
  13. You don’t have to leave completely spare drawers.
  14. You can leave capacity for other things alongside tool trays in any drawer.

For the rest of the tengtools article see here.

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