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Takona: Takona Tlks with Vanessa Ruck, the Fearless Girl on a Bike

As seen in The Takona: Join Takona in an inspiring conversation with Vanessa Ruck, The Girl on a Bike, as she shares her journey as a motorbike endurance rider and Bowler Motors racing driver.

After a tragic accident on her pushbike followed by 7 surgeries over 7 years, Vanessa discovered the world of motorcycling, and just as importantly the thrill of exploring the world on them. As a rider she’s pushing the boundaries in a huge array of motorcycle disciplines. From full blown desert rallies, to hard enduro and road touring, to knee down track days, and trials. If it’s got an engine and wheels, Vanessa will be excited.

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Vanessa is on a mission to show that nothing is impossible if you work hard enough, even as a slightly reconstructed person following the accident. Instead of adding to the sometimes-toxic media landscape filled with ‘all so perfect’ lives, she’s real and honest, sharing the highs and the lows. Showing the strength needed to come out stronger against life’s curve-balls.

She believes it’s about realising that wanting to quit is normal, that anxiety and stress can be overcome and that with the right mindset and strategies anything is possible. Born from real life experiences, she brings highly relatable lessons and tools to help face the battles and challenges of life. As a force to be reckoned with, she’s an rider, racer and adventurer living with ongoing pain, and is determined to make the most of every day despite her past, and help others do the same. Vanessa will be joining us with her energetic real life experiences following her life changing story from accident to becoming a rider and international racer who has now ridden in over 28 countries. Find out more about Vanessa Here.

For the rest of the Takona article see here.

If you’re new to my page – it’s more than just dirt bike riding, Harleys and racing, I’m on a mission to prove that nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough. See more about my story plus read about my life changing accident, which started it all.

You can find me Vanessa, The Girl On A Bike over on InstagramFacebook and YouTube, and

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