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Graham Jarvis car jump with The Girl On A Bike at ABR Festival

Graham Jarvis car jump with The Girl On A Bike at ABR Festival

When Graham Jarvis asks you if you want to do a “Graham Jarvis teaches The Girl On A Bike to ride over a car”…to which I say yes like an excited kid at Christmas….and then see the car 😵

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Vanessa Ruck with Graham Jarvis jumping a car

Yup…that’s me on a car…on a bike.. Totally normal 🤪… There’s nothing more confidence inspiring than the number 1 world hard enduro rider saying “I’ve seen you ride, you’ve got this” in relation to jumping over a car…The fact I’m posting kind of gives away that I didn’t die…but it definitely got the heart racing.

Here’s the action captured at Adventure Bike Festival with Graham Jarvis himself:

Graham Jarvis, the legend Extreme Enduro rider and probably the first name that comes to most riders’ minds when they think of the crème de le crème of enduro talent. I was excited to meet him at ABR Festival having already been on one of his Jarvis Signature Tours in Spain – see that here:

This video is Graham giving me some tuition, showing me the art of drops offs and then how to ride over a Ford Mondeo in hard enduro style. This seriously got my heart racing! The progression in my riding when I ride with the Jarvis crew is epic. I highly recommend

It’s also getting better…the legend has started a series of Jarvis Signature Tours, with the first a new one in Wales too – video coming soon!

More on Jarvis Signature Tours here:

More on ABR Festival here:

Thank you @mantispromedia and @dirtwheels.official for the photos

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