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Soy Motero: Triumph warms up their vehicles for the 2022 1000 Dunas

As seen in The Soy Motero: Triumph is prepared to begin tomorrow with its maiden participation in the 1000 Dunes. Its major goal is to completely immerse you in the adventure that every off-road enthusiast, whether beginner or expert, desires to have at least once in their lifetime.

With Ivan Cervantes at the controls of his Tiger 900 Rally Pro, the same one with which he participated in Baja Aragón 2022, the Hinckley brand will try to acquire as much experience as possible to deposit it later in its future Offroad range.

Triumph is just a few hours away from starting its participation in the safest raid in the world, the 1000 Dunas 2022. In addition, it does so not only with the excitement of returning to competition, at the highest level and demand but also with the conviction that you can enjoy riding a British mount for 7 days in the desert, whether you are an amateur or a professional.

In addition, the British brand is one of the official sponsors of the event and together with its official rider Ivan Cervantes, five times Enduro World Champion, they will try to collect all the information and experience possible within the event to later transfer it to their expected new Offroad range.

On the other hand, Cervantes has a double mission for this 1000 Dunas 2022. He will not only be in charge of trying to take his Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro to the top . He will also perform tasks as a “coach” for all the participants in the raid. It will do so by showing how important it is for both the British firm and its driver, not only to prove their worth in the race, but to help all the participants to reach the finish line, while also enjoying the race and gaining as much experience as possible to next editions.

The girl on a bike vanessa ruck 1000 Dunas 2022

In this way Triumph shows its thirst for adventure and of course to share experiences with all those who have decided to participate in 2022 in the third edition of the legendary raid. All this with the invaluable help of Racered , which is also joining this incredible adventure this year as a sponsor and will use this 1000 Dunes as a moving laboratory to test its new range of offroad clothing .

In this way, the trio made up of Triumph , Ivan Cervantes and Racered will face this ambitious and at the same time enriching challenge, both for both brands and for the Tarraconense rider.

As we all know, the Raid will start tomorrow , Saturday, October 22, from Granada , and will cover nearly 3,000 km . Before returning to the Andalusian city on October 29, crossing Morocco and reaching Merzouga in 7 navigation stages with a roadbook. In them Cervantes and Miguel Puertas will repeat as coach of all the participants as they already did in the Triumph scholarships | 1000 Dunes .

Both will transmit to the competitors their experience and wisdom on the bike, in the form of driving techniques, navigation, mental preparation and experiences lived in other rallies such as the Dakar.

In addition to Ivan Cervantes , who will participate in the professional category riding his Tiger 900 Rally Pro , the same one with which he won the trail category in the Baja de Aragón , other users close to the brand will also participate. Like Josu Orozko , winner of the first call for Triumph scholarships | 1000 Dunas , which he will do at the controls of his 2012 Tiger 800 XC , prepared by himself and in which he has included elements such as his own navigation tower and replacing the rear wheel to mount mousses and avoid punctures.

For the rest of the Soy Motero article see here.

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