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Soloenduro: The Girl On A Bike an incredible fortitude

As seen on Soloenduro: Vanessa is an English blogger with incredible fortitude. Six years ago she had a terrible bicycle accident on her way home, she was hit by a motorist who did not respect a red light. For Vanessa these years have been an ordeal, a long series of interventions to be able to get her back on a motorcycle, years of therapies, physical and mental efforts.  Finally after a long time, a few days ago, she took part in an enduro race organized by Wor Events in Stourport-on-Seven, at the Coney Green Farm in England. Three hours of hard Enduro, which took place in the mud due to adverse weather and where Vanessa outdid herself, bringing her Husqvarna TE 250i (which she calls Buddy) to the finish with more than excellent results. Here are his words after the race.

The Girl On A Bike an incredible fortitude

Vanessa : “Over, it was really tough! I would like to smile, but I’m too exhausted, three hours of enduro on such terrain put me to the test, me and my Buddy, we need to lie down and take a breath. This is it was my ninth race ever and having finished 19th out of 39 drivers entered in the Sport class was a great satisfaction, also because it was really hard.

I competed on a very dug course and I had to do my best to finish the day. The most difficult moments? One when my hip started to hurt again, basically six months after the last operation are few for what I had … and the second when I ended up under a tangle of three motorcycles, in the middle of a sea of ​​mud .

Five interventions in six years are not a trivial matter and the physical suffering has made itself felt, I realized that I still have to work a lot, start over with physiotherapy and training just to recover as much as possible, this is now the most important thing precisely for to be able to give my best for the next appointments. Thanks to the targeted protections I was able to withstand the difficulties, thanks therefore to my officialleatt knee pads, which saved me from further physical damage.Now … it’s time to rest and give my bike a good clean. What a day guys. Thanks to Worevents for a mega race and to Michelin for making tires that put me in a position to get by in that sea of ​​mud! “

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