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RAF News: Vanessa’s RAF honor

As seen in RAF News [print]: AN INTREPID dirt bike rider who overcame life-changing injuries to compete at the top of extreme sport is the latest person to sign on at Cranwells Wall of Honour.

Since then, she’s bought a dirt bike and ridden all over the world only including Bolivia, Ukraine, Sardinia, Iceland, in the Red Bull Romaniacs enduro race and on a 1,500 km seven-day desert endurance test.
Married to an RAF engineer, she was invited to the Aircrew Survival, Evasion and Resistance Training Centre to tell students about the challenges she’s overcome.

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Defence SERE Training Officer Mark Fairhead said: “Vanessa embodies our unbroken spirit ethos – her, dedication and commitment, not to her personal recovery both physical and mental, has been exceptional”

Spirit and Destiny Magazine

FIGHT BACK: RAF wife Vanessa Ruck overcame devastating injuries after a serious traffic accident to become an international dirt bike competitor.

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