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Csajok a Motoron: Overcoming Adversity to Conquer Enduro Races

As seen in Csajok a Motoron: [Google translated from Hungarian] Read Vanessa Ruck’s inspiring story of resilience after a life-altering accident and how she transformed it into a passion for enduro racing.

Vanessa Ruck has always been an active chick. His life was full of adventures, literally living in sports, activities, free nature. And there was still this constant adrenaline rush. However, on March 25, 2014, an accident changed his life.

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Vanessa Ruck was born and raised in the UK. He has been chasing his dreams since he was a child. He grew up in nature, in the mud and filth, keeping himself fit with horses and quads, and was always in for some prank. At the age of 18, he flew out of the nest to find his place in the world. The university, the master’s degree and the first job followed.

His life took a turn in 2014 when he was hit by a car driving through a red light and has since set a goal to get the most out of life and help others with that.

The accident

“It was a completely average Tuesday, the work was as crowded as ever, but it’s over now. With the fresh feeling of spring in my leg, I jumped on a bike and pedaled hard and set off on the road. I was on my way to Wake-boarding Lake, which was 8 miles from my workplace. It will be a great evening, a few sets behind the RAF Nautique wake-board boat, and then a little steak and vegetable on the lakeside grill watching the sunset.

I didn’t know my world was going to be on top of my head. I barely left my job, maybe a mile of asphalt road passed and I was already cruising with the flow of traffic. I was pleased to see that the traffic sign turned green in the approach, and I was able to keep the rhythm, pedaling hard to keep the momentum going. That’s when it happened.

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Out of nowhere, an oncoming car pulled in front of me. I had a microsecond. Time seemed to have slowed down. But there was nothing I could do. There was no route to get around. There was no hope of avoiding a collision. I could feel my body collapsing as I crashed into the back cabin.

My right shoulder wore the full collision, absorbing the collision at a speed of 15 miles / hour. My body screamed internally before I fell to the ground on my right side. The time was different. I felt my heartbeat; my pulse was pounding in my veins, my environment almost blurred. Time has stopped. ” – Write Vanessa on her website.

That day changed his life

One of the most serious injuries was the shoulder and hip. The right shoulder was completely reconstructed, the ligaments were removed, and replaced with an artificial man-made fiber, the bone was cut short so that it could recover, and then twisted again. More than 13 months of work loss followed, 7 shoulder surgeries, 6 hip surgeries and years of rest, countless steroid injections, hydrotherapy, chiropractor, shock wave treatment, acupuncture, red light therapy, CBD oil, spiritual healing, Physiolab ice treatment, daily active collagen, months of physiotherapy, and still involves treatments as your hips remain problematic.

Escape has always been a sport for Vanessa, be it kite surfing, snowboarding or mountain biking, her life has always been about exercise, but the accident changed that, and motorcycling entered his world. The open path, the strength, the ability to simply disappear into the unknown and travel the world quickly became my favorite form of adventure.

THE @thegirlonabike [insta] side and community channels began when he was forced into bed after the 3rd surgery following the accident. Then you decided you needed something positive to channel your energies into. Not only does he share happy days here, but he tries to be real, to show the bad days, the days when all the inner strength is needed to get out of bed at all.

What is my mission? To get the most out of every day and help others do the same.

Vanessa recently, at the age of 36, successfully completed one of the toughest extreme endurance races in the world, the Morocco Desert Challenge. In 8 days, riders covered a total of 2,500 km in North Africa in the 52-degree heatwave. There were falls, difficulties, long days, but he did. He was in constant pain because of his accident, and there were many moments when he wanted to give up but persevered and became the 25th out of 77 riders. Second among women.

“ As a woman in a very masculine world, as an international racer, while living in chronic pain, I really hope to inspire others with my story. I help people realize that hard times can be overcome. ”

For the rest of the Csajok a Motoron article see here.

If you’re new to my page – it’s more than just dirt bike riding, Harleys and racing, I’m on a mission to prove that nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough. See more about my story plus read about my life changing accident, which started it all.

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