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Abergavenny Chronicle: Girl on a Bike in Morocco Desert Challenge

As seen in The Abergavenny Chronicle: Follow the incredible journey of a girl on a bike in the Morocco Desert Challenge with Abergavenny Chronicle. Will she conquer the sands?

Monmouth-based motorcycle competitor, Vanessa Ruck, also known as The Girl on a Bike, has just landed in Morocco to participate in the second-largest rally raid in the world, the Morocco Desert Challenge. Over the course of the eight-day race, Ruck will tackle 2,658km of the most challenging terrain Morocco has to offer, alongside 560 other racing vehicles.

Vanessa Ruck after completeing Morroco rally

Riding her KTM 450 Rally Replica, Ruck has made several modifications to her motorcycle to improve performance and durability. With a focus on nutrition, she is well-prepared to tackle the extreme caloric demands of racing in the desert, which could reach up to 8,000 calories per day.

The race days will be long, with anticipated riding times between 8 to 11 hours, followed by nights spent sleeping in a tent. Ruck is also prepared for the gruelling physical demands on her body, managing pain with medication and daily sports therapy sessions.

Day 4 of the Moroccan rally: Vanessa has been overcoming both physical and mental challenges in the sweltering heat. As temperatures reached an unseasonable 46 degrees Celsius, she pushed through the dunes, navigating the treacherous terrain with caution and determination.

Vannessa proceeded to the starting line, taking on the dunes at a steady pace. Two falls and three minor setbacks were no match for her resilience. With assistance from a quad rider, she managed to recover her bike and continue the race. The first 40 km of dunes were followed by a challenging, uneven track, which left Vannessa exhausted by the time she reached the lunch break.

Girl on a Bike Morocco

Refuelling both herself and her bike, Vannessa pressed on for the final 90 km, which fortunately offered fast and flowing terrain. Upon reaching the finish line, she reflected on the halfway point of the rally, acknowledging the need to dig deep and find more fight to endure the remaining days.

Though Vannessa anticipates having lost several places due to her cautious approach, she takes pride in avoiding crashes and completing the day. As she awaits her official result, her inspiring determination and ability to push through adversity make her a true local hero.

34th out of 77 after Monday’s stage

After Monday’s stage, she managed to secure an impressive 34th place out of 77 competitors, a feat that has left her elated and determined to push even further.

She said: “Tomorrow’s forecast is 40 degrees in the shade, so easy add 5 to that for riding temp. And it’s an even longer stage, 404km. Yikes.”

Despite the unforgiving heat and gruelling distance, Vanessa remains undeterred and appreciative of the support she’s receiving from friends and family. “All amazing here though. Feeling strong!! Thanks for all the support and messages.”

One hour delay from the start line

The rally has experienced an unexpected one-hour delay due to a helicopter issue. The race organisers have prioritised safety above all else, ensuring that the event does not commence without proper helicopter cover. As a result, the race start times have been pushed back, causing minor inconvenience to both participants and spectators.

For those keeping an eye on the live tracking system, this may have resulted in some confusion as the racers’ dots remained stationary on the map. However, the organisers have been quick to address the issue, keeping the eager audience informed and reassured.

For the rest of the Abergavenny Chronicle article see here.

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