Why Staying In The UK Is Best For Now

It’s safe to say that we’re all living through strange times right now. Even though we would all love to be able to carry on life as normal, that’s not really something that can happen for the time being. And if you really hoped that you would be able to travel this year, you may find that you are just not able to.

We got super lucky with our trip to Iceland with Ridewithlocals, making it back to the UK with just two days to spare before heavier covid-19 restrictions came in. However, as much as you may be uncertain of travel and you may not really want to go abroad just yet, that’s very normal. We’ve just cancelled a road trip to Andorra with the enduro bikes too, just because of all the uncertainty and quarantine.

Icelandic adventure with Ride with locals

Instead, you are going to want to think about enjoying more of the UK right now. Staying in the UK doesn’t have to be boring or a consolation prize. Let’s take a look at why.


To start with, it’s important to recognise that staying in the UK is a safer option than heading abroad. If you travel abroad, you may realize that you are more at risk of contracting the virus or even spreading it around others. But if you stay locally, you are more likely to minimize that risk.

Close To Home

It’s also nice to be able to stay close to home right now. It’s safe to say that you are going to be very concerned and worried about your loved ones. So if you don’t get to see your loved ones by traveling too far, it might scare you. Yet, not going overseas and staying at home is a much better option.


You may have heard all about staycations before. They are such a great option for enjoying a bit of a break and a new experience but a little closer to home. It can be as simple as staying in a hotel in your town or just an hour away. Something that doesn’t feel like a huge trip, but that allows you to get away, enjoy yourself, and really explore some of the attractions, restaurants, and things to do that are in your area. So maybe see what kind of options are in your town.

Explore Local Areas

From here, you might even want to venture a little further afield from home and explore some of the local areas that have always been on your radar. Now is the perfect time to take a short break if you love the idea of enjoying some time off and spending time with loved ones. Maybe there’s a city you have always wanted to go to? Or the countryside or coast? Just getting out nearby can really help you have a great time.

Boosting The Economy

Finally, one of the best reasons to stay in the UK right now rather than go abroad is the idea of being able to boost the economy. You may find that you are tempted to go overseas for some peace and quiet and a bit of normality. But after the year we have had so far, it’s definitely a great idea for us all to try and spend our money around the UK on breaks and days out so that we are boosting the economy right here, rather than anywhere else!

We’ve decide on a UK road trip instead! Wern ddu quarry, Inch Perfect Trials and some green laning

Inch Perfect Trials

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