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What is a Motorcycle Poker Run?

Motorcycle Poker Run: One of the most popular motorcycle events in the U.S. in recent years is a poker run, and it is also becoming more common in England.

Riding a motorcycle is not only invigorating, it also gives a special kind of freedom when
you’re out on the road. Being a motorcyclist is not just about riding alone, but it’s also
about going to biking events and socialising with other riders. One of the most popular
motorcycle events in the U.S. in recent years is a poker run, and it is also becoming
more common in England. If it sounds like a race, it’s not; it’s mainly about getting
together, and riding around for a good cause.

1. What is a Poker Run?

A poker run is an organised event where players travel around using a motorcycle from
one checkpoint to the next and collect cards until they complete a poker hand. A typical
poker run consists of about five to seven checkpoints and at each checkpoint, they’ll be
given one card along with specific instructions. For example, the first checkpoint is
usually where the contestants check in for the event, pay their entrance fee, receive a
map, and draw their first card. The other check points are where players can draw the
next card, place bets and maybe even buy-ins. The most pleasurable part of the poker
run is enjoying a fun ride with friends and picking random cards at each stop. At the end,
the person or group with the best poker hand wins the entire event.

2. What Are the Benefits?

As mentioned earlier, one of the obvious benefits of a poker run is the social aspect of
being able to enjoy a bike ride with friends, as well as meet new bikers and motorcycle
enthusiasts. Whether it’s at the check in, which is sometimes at a restaurant or bar, on
the road, or at the last stop – getting out and travelling along new routes and being part
of an organised event certainly beats being a loner.

Besides the benefit of socialising, most poker runs are done for a good cause. Usually, a
charity is preselected as the recipient, and the fees collected at check in, as well any
bets placed, go towards funding a charity pot. This lets the participant enjoy the game,
while at the same time support a cause and do a good deed.

3. Can Anyone Do a Poker Run?

Almost anyone can do a poker run, and the most common mode of transportation is a
motorcycle. However, some poker runs are done on boats, mountain bikes, rally cars –
any type of vehicle you can think of. Being an expert in poker isn’t essential but having
an understanding of basic poker hand rankings will help you know if you have a good
hand or not, but with marshals and others around to organise, there will be plenty of help
around. The priority requirement to joining a poker run is having the right mode of
transportation and the right social skills needed to join the game and have fun.

4. Can I Organise My Own?

Yes, of course you can organise your own poker run! There are just a few things you’ll
need to consider and plan for in advance to make everything run smoothly on the day of
the event. Firstly, plan out your route and request permission from local authorities to
host the poker run. Secondly, choose your check points and plan out who will volunteer
to be situated at each station to hand out the cards and mark each contestant’s sheet.
Remember to provide tables and chairs for your volunteers to relax in. Thirdly, at least
one day before the poker fun, use a weather app to check the weather (rain, shine, or
snow) and plan accordingly.

A poker run can be a fun filled day of exploring new routes, enjoying camaraderie, and
helping the needy – all in one event. Join a poker run, or host one yourself, and
experience a motorcycle poker run that will be remembered by many for years to come.

If you’re not familiar with the details of a poker run, read on to learn how it works and
how it can benefit others.

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