The Ultimate International Travel Checklist 

the girl on a bike international travel
Ultimate international travel checklist

Many countries are finally opening up their borders and allowing travel after more than a year of strict restrictions. So, like most of us travelers, you’re itching to hop on a plane or sit on your bike to explore the world. However, if you’re planning to leave your country, you need to pack well no matter how long you’re staying abroad. Here is what you’ll need on your trip: 

Check your passport and visa

Don’t even start planning your international trip without a passport. Check whether is up to date and doesn’t expire during your trip. Also, look up visa requirements for your destination. Most visas today can be acquired electronically, but sometimes you need to mail in your passport to get it printed. Do these things in advance to have everything ready and make plenty of copies of your electronic files and important documents. 

Invest in travel insurance

You should never leave for a trip without travel insurance. In case you get sick or injured abroad, this document will give you the best care for less money. Picking a plan is not easy, so do your research and choose something that will fit your lifestyle and type of travel. 

Do your research 

Picking a destination is probably the hardest part of any trip since you have so many choices. When you book your trip, make sure to do your research on the destination by going through travel blogs and local information websites. If you need some inspiration, check out Big Booty Fish and what they say about different destinations and experiences you can have there. It’s always nice to get info from personal blogs since they offer the most sincere reviews. 

Get a good travel bag

Depending on your travel style, your transportation and the length of the trip, you need to pick a good travel bag. While suitcases offer plenty of space, they are not the most practical when you need to go exploring. For that, you need an old-fashioned backpack. Today, these are made very light yet very spacious so you can basically have everything you need right on your back. If you prefer a rolling suitcase, get something extra sturdy since they are known for their wheels that give up or zippers that break. 

Keep up with your hygiene routine

Just because you’re not at home, it doesn’t mean you can completely throw your beauty and hygiene routine out the window. While you can minimize your skincare routine, you will still need to properly cleanse and moisturize—you want to look good in your travel photos, don’t you? Also, don’t forget to pack sunscreen and all your regular hygiene products in convenient travel packages. 

Don’t forget your reusable bottle

When traveling anywhere in the world, you need to be mindful of the waste and pollution you leave behind. Since traveling is already not the best for the environment, you need to reduce your waste by bringing your reusable water bottle. This will ensure you always have water with you without leaving a ton of plastic behind. If you’re hitting wilderness, a model with a built-in filter might be helpful. 

Pack a universal adaptor

Traveling internationally can bring some less-expected issues like not being able to charge your devices due to a different electrical outlet. Luckily, you can buy an adaptor so you can charge away without issues. If you travel frequently, grab one of those universal travel adaptors so you can adjust to all outlet types wherever you go. 

Traveling is super fun, but only when you pack and prepare appropriately. Luckily, you’ll be set with these tips and trips and have an amazing holiday full of adventure and exploration. And you’ll be able to do all that in comfort and safety. 

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