Hard enduro body protection recommendations as lady rider

Partly bionic inside and out! With enduro riding holding its risks here’s how I keep my body as protected as possible… Given my history I know only too well how much it sucks having a broken body (see accident story) and so I know that I’d rather take a financial hit now and protect myself with the right enduro body protection. Instead of waiting for something to happen, like blowing my knee out, and then wishing I’d just bought the right kit!

Note – all gear is unisex and not made for females so suitable for all enduro and hard enduro riders looking for the best body protection for their enduro riding!

Womens hard enduro body protection - Leatt
Womens hard enduro body protection – Leatt

The body is our home for life so I want to keep mine safe…but I’m not going to let that worry stop me pushing it to its limits riding

Here’s the breakdown of my enduro body protection kit, I’m definitely a Leatt lover and you’ll have seen I’ve had some big falls and been OK 🤣:

Feet – thigh high boot and knee socks to prevent rubbing by Leatt knee brace socks. I then wear the Leatt GPX 5.5 Flexlock boots. I find they are far more protective and supportive compared to my previous Alpinestars Tech 7 boots. The GPX offer much more durability, support and comfort to me.

KneeLeatt X Frame guards for full rotation and hyperextension protection plus full impact. Before these I had the Leatt Dual Axis, less protection but still awesome for your first knee guard. I took the jump to full guards as I realised that knees are one of the most common injuries and can completely end your riding career, so I spend the money to keep them safer.

Booty – impact shorts to the highest impact rating for hip, thigh and coccyx that are low profile and fitted so no fat ass 😝 – Leatt shorts 3DF 5.0. Note, I found these come up small re sizing. I’m a UK 8 and have to wear the medium shorts as the legs are quite tight on the quad.

Upper bodyLeatt Airfit 3DF body armour including chest, back, elbow and shoulders with malleable protection so it’s mega snuggly to wear. Like a big cuddle of safety. I always wear the full protection, when I fall or catch a rock it means you barely even feel it, giving you confidence but most importantly, reducing injury and bruising.

Private area 😉 – kept nice and comfortable with men’s @kecks boxers. Absolutely dreamy even for a lady! Trust me! I previously wore just my normal underwear but realised, especially when adding impact shorts, that the Kecks boxers fit like a glove and prevent any rubbing. I hope they make a women’s pair soon as a few tweaks would make them far more female friendly.

Eyes – I vital part of staying safe riding, I’ve found Scott Prospect are the most comfortable hard wearing and best at not steaming up. I use their light sensitive lenses so you’re always best equipped for the light conditions. These intelligent lenses change from clear to full sunglasses as you ride through varying light such as woodland or open spaces. For races I add the roll-off kit to keep my vision clear.

The twins 👙 – high impact sports bra. This is just a cheap Tesco @fandfclothing one which have proven to be my favourites, only £12!

Click here to see the kit list on Amazon to save you searching. I do make a small commission for any Amazon buys through their affiliate programme so thank you in advance if you do shop. It all helps me keep the content coming 🥰

Thank goodness for this hit here:

Hard enduro riding in Sardinia with Tour Enduro Sardegna

So what do you wear? Anything I’m missing? Get in touch if you have any questions over this enduro body protection kit 

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