Top Bikes To Buy Your Child This Christmas

A bike is something all kids tend to have when growing up. They provide a whole host of benefits aside from the obvious of being extremely fun. They are a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle, and they are a social toy and they aid with key skills such as balance and co-ordination. 

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Bicycles – Bianchi

Nevertheless, choosing what bike to buy your child is the difficult part. There are so many different bikes on the market these days and this can often make it very difficult to know which one to buy. This article aims to give a helping hand by revealing the top five bikes available online and in good toy stores at present. Don’t forget that you will also need some accessories too. This includes mountain bike forks, especially if going on long family trips, as well as safety accessories, such as helmets.

Raleigh Milano Bike

This bike is perfect for any little girl. It will instantly appeal to them due to its exciting silver and bright pink colour scheme – two colours which are highly popular amongst girls. It is one of the most popular bikes on the market and has rave reviews from the majority of customers who have bought it already. A final point worth noting is that the bike is designed for children who are aged eight years old and above.

Revenge BMX

The sleek and sporty design of this bike makes it look worth a lot more than its price tag suggests. The bike boasts a blue and black colour scheme which is perfect for any little boy. It also has 20-inch wheels with black alloy rims and black spokes. Your child will certainly have the best bike on the block!

Raleigh Rocket Bike

This boy’s bike is extremely eye-catching in appearance. The base colour of the bike is blue and there is a red and yellow pattern displayed on it. Moreover, the wheels are show-stopping in their bright yellow appearance. In addition to this, the bike boasts removable stabilisers, which are obviously highly beneficial because it means once your child is confident to ride their bike alone then they can do so.

Olympics Team GB Racing Bike

We may have to miss the Olympics this year, but that doesn’t mean your child can’t be a part of it! Now your child can be part of Team GB with this fantastic Olympic themed bike. The bike features the colours of the Great Britain flag and is suitable for children who are aged eight years old and above.

Raleigh Roma Bike

Not every girl wants to have a pink bike and so this option provides a welcomed alternative. The Raleigh Roma Bike boasts a gorgeous pale blue and purple colour scheme. Moreover, it comes complete with an 18-speed gear set – which means that the fun to be had is never-ending. A final point worth noting is that the bike is designed to eliminate bumps and ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

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