Megs Braap & The Girl On A Bike Live Chats

Two girls, Megs and The Girl On A Bike, passionate about dirt biking chatting about a whole array of topics submitted by you! Get in touch to request a topic!

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Episode One, Part One

Episode One, Part Two

Here’s what we cover:


  • Intro and hello, welcome to people, expectations on how long we’ll chat, send comments and DM us to reply after
  • Make sure you’re following us
  • Who are we:
  • From, rides, little background

Foundation topics for both

  • How did you get into riding motorcycles?
  • What inspired you to be an enduro rider?
  • What age did you start riding and how often do you train?

Megs specific

  • Why do you run two bikes and are they set up differently?
  • Have you tried any trials bike riding?
  • Why have you stopped using a pipe guard?
  • Do you name your bikes with cool names like Bear?
  • Why do you always ride with your sleeves rolled up?

Vanessa Specific questions

  • What happened to you? Your accident?
  • With your injuries do you not worry about getting injured again doing hard enduro?
  • You’ve ridden a range of TPIs this year, what made you settle for the 250i?
  • What made you step into hard enduro?
  • Romaniacs? Your thought process for entering?

Topics for discussion

Bike fitness

  • Getting in shape
  • Dealing with arm pump, numb hands, tendonitis etc
  • Off bike exercise ideas
  • Diet and nutrient
How to get bike fit

Does size matter

  • Managing as a small rider / smaller female compared to average guy
  • Any bike set up tips
  • Particular skills worth mastering
Tips for small enduro riders

Overcoming fear

  • Overcoming fears while riding / overriding the lizard brain/instincts?
  • Knowing your limits but pushing beyond in controlled way
  • Stupidity verse bravery
  • Pushing you comfort zone – be right on the edge to learn but minimize risk
Over coming fears – how to push your limts

For more on upping your game riding enduro and hard enduro see our episode two on upping your game here.

New riders / getting started

  • Where to start as a beginner?
  • Importance of the right bike
  • What skills should new riders concentrate on?
  • Trials riding as a foundation for hard enduro – what about for those small more vulnerable or great at falling off
How to start enduro
  • How to encourage my girlfriend to be as badass as you and start riding!
How to get your girlfriend riding

Riding tech

  • Tricks for steep hills with obstacles [roots, rocks, ledges]
  • Off the bike training in lock-down

Big challenges

  • What’s the longest ride, hardest course you’ve done?
  • What about one crazy race story?


  • Protection what we wear and what you recommend?
  • What at the must haves for starting

For more on the ultimate riding protection kit see here.


  • As a female in the sport do you feel like people underestimate and undermine your abilities? [mechanical / riding]
  • You become a sceptical but not in a bad way, more a fascination and respect sort of way. You definitely get more eyeballs on you


  • How did you learn your bike fixing skills? [even if it goes wrong you’re still learning, increased understanding for one the trails]
Tips for starting mechanics


  • If you had £/$200 to spend on your new bike what would you do?
  • What’s the most expensive part of enduro? [race prep – tyres, brakes, levers, damage]
  • How can you try to minimise it? [buy good protection, good maintenance]

Final Questions

  • Where are the best places you’ve ridden?
  • Where did you learn the most?
  • Balancing riding with a full-time job – tips to make it work? [passion for the sport, time management, evenings, keeping on top of things]

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