The 5 Best Gifts for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

What to buy a bike lover? That age old question

There’s no doubt that motorcycle riding is a lifestyle. Whether someone in your life uses a motorcycle to commute, is a member of a bike club, or even owns a motorcycle shop, it’s clear that it is a meaningful part of his or her life. But buying a gift for a motorcycle lover can be difficult. Here are the top gift ideas for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life.

A new jacket

A motorcycle rider can never have too many jackets, and also can never be too safe. If you want to surprise a motorcycle lover, pick up a jacket. For me I always like something that’s not the normal colour…so anything but black, but you’ll know your buddy more than me. You can decide between premium leather jackets, textile and casual motorcycle jackets. Just make sure you know the person’s size before buying a jacket.

Some of my favourites:

  • Speed and Strength Cross My Heart Moto Shirt – not your usual jacked but for a summers day, it’s a great way to stay protect and rock the casual look
    Rev’It Outback 2 jacket it you’re heading on an adventure this is a great choice
    Gerbing Explorer 7v heated  gilet jacket – since owning this I’ve not had an excuse to be cold. The warmth through the core is ace both on the bike or in general life walking the dog, popping into down or generally whenever the weather is on the chilli side.
Gerbing 7v heated Explorer gilet

Casual gear

Riding a motorcycle isn’t all about the most durable gear or aftermarket parts, sometimes it’s simply about looking the part and rocking the look you’re going after. This is where us motorcycle enthusiast love casual riding gear. You could pick up a T-shirt, epic bobble hat, hoody, or a pair of sunglasses. This is a great way to give a motorcycle enthusiast an extra piece of gear to wear in non-riding settings.

Fortheshore bobble hats

Phone mount

Now if they’re anything like me, the chances are that the person you’re buying a gift for has a smartphone and it’s probably full of motorcycle pictures and videos. One of the biggest pains for me when riding is having a place for my phone as they just keep getting bigger. My iPhone 8 plus won’t fit in any of my pockets. So, you can get a phone mount so he or she can keep the phone secure during rides. A phone mount is also great for providing a clear view of GPS navigation and would like to their headset for seamless navigation if they’re using something like my favourite, a Cardo PackTalk Bold.

Cardo PackTalk the perfect gift

OEM or Aftermarket parts

Now if you’re super lucky and the buddy receiving the gift is forthcoming about their desires, or you’re knowledgeable about the motorcycle in question, you can go the extra mile and pick up a specific part. The bolt on extra that adds an extra level of customisation is always a winner. What about a timer cover, fairing, unbreakable clutch leavers or a new seat? Whether it’s OEM or aftermarket, you can’t go wrong with the best motorcycle parts and accessories.

Custom HD timer cover @TheGirlOnABike


There are so many great accessories for motorcycles on the market, from luggage packs to Bluetooth headsets to disc locks and trickle chargers. Pick one that you think will be the best hit!

For me, I would definitely recommend the CTEK battery sense. It’s a small but highly powerful and practical device giving you the confidence that you’re ride will be ready to go when you are. Alternatively, how about a guardian bell [also known as a gremlin bell] to keep those demons away.


I realise you might have reached the bottom of this article and still not have found a concrete idea for a gift, but I’m afraid the perfect gift isn’t something a stranger can conjure up. Try and picture the friend. What do they love? Do you know makes them tick? What do they get excited about? Focus on this and I’m sure you’ll come up with something. Showing you care for the motorcycle rider in your life is easy with these gifts for motorcycle enthusiasts and a little thought!

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