Top Tips for Living with Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain can have a massive impact on your life. The disruption can manifest in many different ways – ways you might not initially associate with the pain. Physically and mentally your body will be looking to cope and adapt even if it doesn’t feel like it in the immediate moment.

Even if there isn’t a cure for the pain you are suffering from – there can still be hope. You can take steps to look for ways you can reduce, alleviate or manage your pain on a day to day basis.


Finding medical and alternative therapies to help your body manage your pain levels or even give you a short brief time to be pain-free can make the world of difference. Many people living with chronic pain have good and bad days. Even on the good days, the pain is still there; it is simply more manageable than the bad days.

Pain killers are an obvious place to start, however they can of course be your best friend AND worst enemy. Please see me post on the top 10 tips to dealing with pain.

chronic pain

Finding supliments that help you’re bodies recovery, strength and health can really help. A game changer for me has been Active Collagen by U Perform. Read why I take Active Collagen here.

Deep tissue CBD massage can help you to relax muscles and give you some relief from muscle aches and pains. As can a visit to the chiropractor when it comes to joint pain. Others find therapy and pain relief in various exercises or look to alternative remedies such as acupuncture or the use of healing crystals and essential oils. Red Light therapy has been helpful for me too. All bodies and pain levels are different but looking to find a way to help you ease the pain levels even just a little bit could do wonders for your mental health.


Speaking of mental health, talking to someone and sharing how you feel can be a huge benefit to your mental health. I have had a lot of support over the years since my accident, it wasn’t easy. Talking can be the most painful thing, but in the longer term it’s really helped. Living with pain day in day out will take its toll on you mentally and bottling up what you’re going through won’t make matters better. It may help you to find a therapist you can talk through your emotions and frustrations with to help you process and come to terms with the pain you are dealing with.

If you don’t want to share this part of your life, look at incorporating meditation and mindfulness into your daily routine. Practise this before bed to help you clear your mind. Both of these can be hugely beneficial to your mental health but they take practise and attention for you to fully benefit from them.

Alternatively, you may find comfort and help from support groups for people living with the same or similar conditions. Getting other views, learning from their experience and taking on words of wisdom can lift a weight off your mind.

Ask for help

Living with chronic pain means you simply cannot function as you did before or even as others do. you have to make way to accommodate the pain into your life and make adjustments to how you live so as not to do your body any more damage. 

There is no shame in asking for help, be it from your health practitioner, friends or family. Changing your habits can have a hugely beneficial impact on your day to day life, as can adding aids to help you move around such as walking sticks.

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