Vitiligo Maqsood Ahmad Ahmad Review – Scam Products

My post across my social media pages about vitiligo, something that I wrote to help awareness, has been taken out of context by Maqsood Ahmad Ahmad.

A company headed by Maqsood Ahmad Ahmad for Vitiligo treatmentMaqsood Ahmad Ahmad have decided to take my photo and use it as ‘evidence’ that their scam product cures vitiligo…. it is not true. The world is full of people trying to scam, fake and make money. This saddens me.

To clarify. I have NEVER used their product, the only product I use is Zanderm Vitiligo Concealer to camouflage my face.

While vitiligo is a physical condition changing the pigmentation of the skin, it has far more psychologically manifestations – and lies like this only make things hard and words for those battle to accept vitiligo. Lies and false hopes give bad expectation management.

Ultra Vitiligo scam post fake cure by Masqsood Admad Ahmad
Maqsood Ahmad Ahmad Vitiligo scam post fake cure by Masqsood Admad Ahmad

Why am I sharing this about Maqsood Ahmad Ahmad and Vitiligo?

1. To ensure there is something online for search results about this company that shows the truth as they have blocked me. It is a scam, fake and untruthful product that does not work.

2. To remind us all that not everything we see online is as it seems

3. To be open and honest, this post makes me sad

4. To ask you all to let me know if you ever see anyone using my photos

Maqsood Ahmad Ahmad is a scam product, it does not work, the proof is in the fact they have taken my photos to show a ‘cure’. If it actually worked they would have their own photos.

LIES SCAM FAKE Maqsood Ahmad Ahmad Vitiligo –>

You can see my original post here:

Or read my article on how my vitiligo has changed from age 17 to 34 here.

Much love all

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