How to Travel Confidently On Your Period

If you’ve ever gotten your period while travelling, then you know how stressful it can be. But the truth is, periods come, sometimes when you least expect them, and there’s not much to do about it. Planning your vacation around your menstrual cycle is fine because after all, no one wants to get a period while on a trip. Still, sometimes there’s nothing to do about that, so for that reason, here are some useful tips that will show you how to travel confidently even if you’re on your period. 

the girl on a bike period travel menstal cycle
the girl on a bike period travel menstal cycle

1. Make sure you’re pain-free

Periods can often be uncomfortable, to say the least. Therefore, if you expect to spend time visiting various sights and participate in walk tours, then it’s essential to make sure you’re pain-free and comfortable enough. Bringing enough painkillers or other remedies that can relieve cramps and pain is definitely the best decision, so be sure to pack your medications and bring them with you.

2. Drink enough water

Staying hydrated is crucial when travelling, especially during the period. This is mainly due to the fact that changing levels of estrogen and progesterone can cause the body to retain water, thus causing bloating, gas and sometimes even constipation. Also, there’s stress related to travelling itself can cause temporary changes in your bowel system, so drinking about 9 to 10 glasses of water a day can help with a lot of issues related to your period. 

3. Use the right period sanitary products

The most well-known sanitary products are, of course, tampons and cotton pads. However, going on a trip and managing them can be stressful, which is why it’s recommended you look into more sustainable menstrual products as they’re better for the environment and easier to manage once you get to learn how to do it. If switching to this new eco-friendly period regime seems stressful, feel free to combine it with less sustainable options, at least until you’re fully comfortable to make a final transition. 

4. Make sure you get enough rest

Sure, no one’s traveling in order to stay indoors, but if you happen to be on your period during the trip, then it’s super important you get enough rest. This should be done during the most difficult days of your period. Therefore, if you tend to experience heavy leaking, stomach and back pain, and bloating, make sure you get a least an hour of complete rest until the pains are gone. In case you’re expecting to walk more frequently, then make sure you bring comfortable clothes and shoes, so you’ll be feeling more relaxed and comfortable. 

5. Hygiene is important too 

As previously mentioned, using proper sanitary menstrual products is a must, but so is taking care of your own hygiene. Periods can get messy real fast, which is why it’s crucial you take regular showers, especially before going to bed. If you’re going camping or to any place that doesn’t have immediate access to showers, at least use wet wipes to partially clean yourself. 

6. Invest in an emergency period kit 

An emergency kit is a great way to relax knowing that you’ll have something to use in case something happens. Period falls under that category, for sure. Aside from wet wipes, your emergency kit should contain pain meds, sanitary products, an extra pair of underwear, and of course, a plastic bag in case you need to dispose of your used tampons and pads. 

Final thoughts 

Traveling on period can be annoying, however, with these tips, it’s possible to stay relaxed and confident throughout the trip. Just make sure to eat healthily, stay hydrated and keep yourself clean. Using appropriate menstrual products, and having an emergency kit is also important, as it will provide you with everything you need for the duration of your trip. 

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