Journey to Hellas Rally

As I sit and write this there is a nervous butterfly brewing deep inside my belly. Hellas Rally is on my mind. An apprehension for what is coming. I’ve come so far from the accident, yet I now have so much further to go. I’m setting goals miles above those I’ve set before. My mind is on turbo calculating the eventualities of the decisions, the good and the bad, the optimistic verse pessimistic sides of my mind at turmoil. Is this really something achievable? Am I setting myself up for failure, for disappointment with expectations on my mental and physical strength that I just can’t live up to?

But with a deep breath I push that all aside. 

I’m doing it. 

I’m committed and I’m going to race.

What is Hellas Rally?

It’s a seven-day rally across mainland Greece crossing a huge mix of terrain from mountains, rivers, forests, beaches and everything in between. Terrain will vary from slow soft riding through to fast paced heart throbbing tracks require a level of skill to tackle the huge variations. It’s a test of endurance and navigation. No GPS are used, so as a rider out in the wilderness solo you’re dependant on successful navigation across 160-250km days via a paper road book.


I’ve teamed up with Torque Racing Services LtdTeng Tools and Cardo Systems,t and decided to take on the challenge of riding the 2020 Hellas


As an adrenaline loving sports addict, life took a turn in 2014 when I was hit by a red-light-jumping car.


As with all epic journeys, there are going to be costs and resources required to get me there. If you’d like to support please use PayPal.


Here is a taster of Hellas:

My team

I’ve decided Torque Racing Services Ltd to take on the challenge of riding the 2020 Hellas Rally. I’m working with SweetLamb Adventure and Mark Molineux for my rally training, and have teamed up with Torque Racing Ltd for the logistics and rally side support. Without the knowledge and background of Torque racing it would feel like something just too big to tackle for me. But with their knowledge and Martin Wittering supporting me I know it’s achievable.

I’ll be racing on a 450 four stroke fully rally ready bike set up by the capable Torque Racing team.

I have a huge journey ahead of me. There will be tears for sure but there will also be so many incredible moments on my road to Hellas Rally.

My journey to Hellas Rally 2020

As an adrenaline loving sports addict, life took a turn in 2014 when I was hit by a red-light-jumping car [read more here]. Since that day I’ve made it my goal to make the most out of life, and to also help others do the same – seeing the creation of The Girl On A Bike. It’s been a tough 5.5 year journey back to fitness with multiple surgeries [including a reconstructed shoulder and hip], but I’m now pushing on and sharing the journey will the world.

Given this background, it’s going to be an extra difficult journey to Hellas Rally. While functionally ok I am not living a pain free life but I won’t let that stop me, it just means I have to work hard, find extra handfuls of dedication and keep moving forwards. I know there will be days where I just have to stop and rest, do extra physio and ice my hip, but I also know there will be many days where I’m feeling high as a kite from the buzz of a motorcycle and pushing on. There will be falls where I have to get back up but it doesn’t mean giving up. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I starting riding off-road following my first of 4 hip surgeries and following my final hip reconstruction have been pushing hard. Putting in the training on the foundations and learning from anyone willing to give me tips!

I’ve currently only done four races and really only been off roading for 18 months [with three hip surgeries in between] but we all have to start somewhere.

It’s going to be one hell of a journey!

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