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Qatar International Baja

Taking on the Qatar International Baja for the second time

1.5 years ago I a did my first ever rally, first time in sand, first time in dunes and first time doing road book navigation…and it happened to be this exact race – the Qatar International Baja. What better way to measure my progression that to come back to see how my training has stacked up – link below to see the nervous mess I was last time I was in Qatar for my first! This is the first part video of me taking on Qatar but to add some more fun I’ve come with my bestie Andrew Seats and this time the it’s his first time in the desert! Will two Brits survive the extremes of the middle easy on enduro rally bikes? I hope you enjoy the race with us!

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Bike preparations pre the Qatar International Baja

What’s it like taking on your first road book rally and first desert race with me? Poor Seats….here’s our experience doing the Qatar International Desert Baja with QMMF.

Watch Qatar International Baja Part 1 [of 2]

Watch Qatar International Baja Part 2 [of 2]

I had a total melt down on the start line… my first ever rally in Qatar

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