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Husqvarna 2024 enduro range test ride review

Nearly 100% redesign with the Husqvarna 2024 enduro range

Here’s my experience on the Husqvarna 2024 enduro: Your eyes are sharp on the terrain ahead, the rocks, roots, loose stones and sand all grappling to throw you and the bike off path. But I was feeling confident armed with the best weapon for the job. Below me was the nearly 100% newly redesigned Husqvarna TE 300i. Certainly one of the most high-performance dirt bikes on the market. As a personal owner of the 2020 TE that I finished Red Bull Romaniacs on and having seen countless pro rider podium wins from the likes of Billy Bolt and Graham Jarvis, I was keen to feel if the 2024 range was as good as all the hype…let’s just say I had high expectations.

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With a full redesign it really is a new breed of dirt bike. New bikes are often a small splash, sometimes even a disappointment with a couple of tweaks, but having spent the day in Norway riding 2024 enduro range I can hand on heart tell you that this next generation fleet is worth a look at! The 2 and 4 stroke models are nearly a total head-to-toe redesign. The say change is what drives progression and these bikes are monsters in all the right way and will certainly be ruffling the feathers of rival brands.

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With the new throttle body injected engine, closed cartridge front and fully adjustable toolless suspension, redesigned ergonomics for a solid rider triangle and increased grip seat, the bikes fill you with confidence. The throttle response felt lively, instant, and despite previous Husky models bringing impressive performance, they have seriously upped their game.

Pausing for a moment to absorb the wilderness around me, I was in a Norwegian forest, not a sole nearby, a mirror calm lake glistening in the distance, and me on a Husqvarna dirt bike, it was the ideal testing environment. We had a 6.5km dedicated enduro loop this was a match made in heaven for the new enduro range. Gravitating to the TE 300i I went round and round, building pace and really getting a feel for the new set up.

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The throttle body fuel injection for better response with two injectors, combined with electronically monitored exhausted values meant for a fiery ride. The engine is programmed to adjust and adapt to the riding conditions, always bringing you the optimum performance. As I climbed the peaks the engine was seamlessly and effortlessly adjusting as the air, conditions and my riding changed.

The electronics have been overhauled with a new centralised smart control unit for easy troubleshooting, torque values etched on for simplified serviceability and an increased durability in the subframe design to reduce the risk of breaks. Even small touches like narrower foot pegs to reduce the risk of catching them in ruts have been taken a step further with a peg redesign. The new pegs give 27% more surface area for the foot, reducing riding fatigue.

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The 30% brighter headlight will remove night-time riding worries with 900 lumens to illuminate the track. And as a rider holding on, the flatter and straighter, bars, improved seat grip and symmetrical tank fairing all aid rider ergonomics. For four stroke models have been given a new quick shift sensor to momentarily cut the ignition as the gear lever is engaged allowing you to smash up through the gears at full throttle without the use of the clutch.

Making a list of what has not changed on the Husqvarna 2024 enduro range would be a far shorter process. That list would contain the premium Michelin Medium rubber and the D.I.D DirtStar rims.

Having swung my leg over all 5 models [TE 150, 250, 300 and FE 250, 350, 450 and 501] it’s safe to say that these bikes are going to bring high performance to the pros on the racetrack but also a whole heap of fun to the everyday riders wanting to play in the dirt.

Key changes on the Husqvarna 2024 enduro include:

  • Throttle body fuel injection for better response with two injectors
  • Electronically monitored exhausted values for a two stroke feel
  • Subframe with increased durability and integrated grab handle
  • Fully adjustable suspension without need for tools
  • Improved grip seat and symmetrical tank fairing for knee grip
  • 27% larger peg surface with lower narrow stance for more stable position and reduced risk of catching in ruts
  • LED headlight giving 900 lumens
  • Smart Control unit for centralised electronic troubleshooting
  • Premium Michelin Medium rubber for ultimate traction
  • Smaller 22mm rear swing arm for more flex over rocks
  • Flush faced chain guard to prevent damage
  • Torque values etched in for serviceability
  • Improved feel and difference in two engine maps
  • Quick shifter for smoother great shifts [four stoke FE models]

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