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My first public 4×4 rally with Bowler Defender

Rally Nuts Bowler rally in Wales

Taking on my next UK rally round in the Bowler Defender took me to mid-Wales for the Rally Nuts event. This was my first public rally and my nerves were high. However, upon arriving it was a great experience.

As a girl I’m often judged on arriving to a race, stereotyped in my blonde hair and long eyelashes. It was amazing that at my Bowler rally experience the Rally Nuts event in mid-Wales I was welcome with no sexism or judgment. You can watch the full race behind the scenes of me doing my second big 4×4 rally [first public event] in the Land Rover Bowler Defender. I hope you enjoy it.

Big learning for me…

The girl on a bike Swapping my bike for Bowler Defender Rally Series
The girl on a bike Swapping my bike for Bowler Defender Rally Series

It turns out trust is up there one of the most vital elements of four-wheel racing. As a driver the braking, correct lines, and acceleration are key but the biggest speed game is trusting your navigator. You’re in a 2.3 tonne Bowler Defender weapon powering into a corner and your natural instincts say come off the throttle but I can hear Chris Cuming shouting a fast right at me… foot stays flat trusting the input aligns to the corner and sure enough, the speed stays on, the corner opens and the pace is kept. My goodness, it gets the heart racing. I’ll be honest in that I definitely braked a few times when I shouldn’t have but that team trust is a huge new thing for me.

The girl on a bike
The girl on a bike Swapping my bike for Bowler Defender Rally Series

Chuffed to have climbed to a 2nd place finish in the category too for the Rally Nuts event… and only 1m8 seconds behind 1st!! Bring on the next race in Scotland.

Watch the full Bowler Defender rally car behind the scenes:

See my first Bowler Defender rally car race here:

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