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The toughest ADV ride in Europe

The toughest ADV ride in Europe

The Hard Alpi Tour is one of the longest and most scenic off-road rallies for larger adventure style motorcycles in Europe. This 800km long event spanning over northern Italy has four classes to allow all levels of motorcycle riders to get involved; The Extreme 1000, The Extreme, Discovery and The Classic.

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The Hard Alpi Tour is 80% off road terrain with different lengths and different time allowances for the varying motorcycle classes. You must ride in teams of three as there is no mechanical support available to you, only medical support, so it is vital you carry an array of basic tools that you may need.

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The extreme class begins at 11pm and the time allowance is 36 hours, this is what hubby Alex, bestie Anika and I decided to take on. In the video’s below I will show you the full behind the scenes of this adventure, showing you what to expect and what is involved, including riding footage direct from the Harley Davidson Pan America motorcycle; an adventure bike never before seen at this event.

Watch here

Part 1:

Part 2:

How heavily did I have to modify the Harley-Davidson Pan America motorcycle to make it handle a 36 hour Hard Alpi Tour Extreme 780km event? Here you go:

  • Changed the rubber to my favourite adv Michelin Motorcycle Anakee Wilds for the best traction
  • Added OEM Harley LED lights on front bars
  • Strapped on Mosko Moto Reckless 40 panniers for my sleeping and bivi bag, and road snacks
  • Screwed on a Peak Design phone mount
  • Downloaded the Harley navigation app to load the events GPX file straight to the bikes screen
  • Paired up our Cardo Systems intercoms for the ultimate banter
  • Carried charging cables and power banks to recharge lights / phones on the road
  • Turned off HD traction control and selected off road mode
    Then…it was all down to me!

For more information on the Hard Alpi Tour:

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