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Orchard School Bristol: Year 7 & 11, May 4, 2023 – Vanessa Ruck Inspires with ‘Girl on a Bike

As seen in Orchard School Bristol: Exciting opportunity on 04 May 2023! Join Girl on a Bike, Vanessa Ruck, for a special talk. Year 7 & 11 students, don’t miss out

I am pleased to be able to share that we have a great opportunity for your child to listen to a year-group talk from guest speaker Vanessa Ruck on Friday 5th May. Year 7 students will be off timetable during lesson 5 and Year 11 will have this presented during their normal assembly slot.

Vanessa Ruck is an English-born motorbike-riding extraordinaire. In 2014 Vanessa’s life took an abrupt turn when she was hit by a car while crossing the road. Vanessa’s talk will show all the ups and downs that she has faced during her recovery, and she strives to be honest and real, not shying away from the tough days. Vanessa will be bringing in her favourite bike into school and students will hear her inspiring journey from being bed bound to racing across the desert.

The event is framed around the theme of Never Giving Up and is designed to empower students with the knowledge that you can always overcome setbacks in life, no matter how big. Vanessa has visited the school before and spoken to other year groups – and they left inspired.

We hope your child will enjoy the talk, and please do ask them about it!

For the rest of the Orchard School Bristol article see here.

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