Energica Eva Ribelle RS Review

This is the Energica Eva Ribelle RS and this is a big first for me…it’s the first time I’ve ridden an electric motorcycle and thought: “wow this is a motorcycle, that’s electric”. It’s no longer a strange attempt to be a bike. It’s solid, handles like a bike should and blinking heck it brings smiles! With instant torque propelling you to 60 in 2.6 secs it’s like a legal high!! Here’s my technical review of the Eva Ribelle RS from Energica.

the girl on a bike energica ribelle rs review misano motoe
Energica Ribelle RS

Everyone knows electric isn’t known for it’s mega range, however with ever improving battery technology we decided to mission across Italy on the Energica Eva Ribelle RS. As part of Energica week we started at the HQ and rode over to Misano for the MotoE. This was my first ride too and as you’ll see… I was impressed. And the biggest learning for me was that you really have to try electric before you say it’s not for you. There’s seriously something epic about the instant linear power….and 2.6 seconds 0-60…we’ll that’s just naughty!

I hope you enjoy. Let me know in the comments!

You have two videos to watch, the full ride adventure across Italy and then also a technical run through of the bike. See below:

Will we make it? | Electric Mission across Italy on the Eva Ribelle RS

This is an animal! Energica Eva Ribelle RS technical review – segment game changer

Filming supported by STUDIO K7

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