Top tips to starting motorcycle mechanics

As a home learned dabbling mechanic I know how intimidating getting started on bike maintenance can be. However, doing our own work on the bikes can be in every ones reach! Here is some of my thoughts on starting motorcycle mechanics, some tips on how to make it easier, where to start, and ultimately just giving it ago. I really hope this gives you a little more confidence to try working on your motorbike yourself.

These are of course some of my ideas on how to get started but I’d love to hear from you on your advice for others? Also, what was the first job you ever did on your bike?

You can see the full video on starting motorcycle mechanics on my YouTube:

A few things to think about

  1. Realising that it’s okay not to know it all but the first step in learning is trying
  2. Key benefit for me is money saving but even more so when you do your maintenance you start to understand your bike, learning how it works and so when you’re out on the trail or road and have a failure, you’re more likely to be able to fix it yourself road side and get home
  3. Identify the first task, such as
    • Oil change
    • Fuel filter
    • Wheel bearings
    • Chain cleaning
    • Air filter
  4. Find your bike manual and see what info it gives
  5. Do you research, get online and google it, find YouTube how tos, look for instructions on how to
  6. Make some notes as you go through the above and have them with you
  7. If you have a friend or loved one who knows how to do it, ask if they can supervise you [not essential]
  8. Give it a go, take it slow and follow the steps you’ve read


  • Keep your work surfaces clear and tidy. Organisation
  • Work out ahead what tools you might need, or might not have. Such as specialty clutch plate holding tool or torque values
  • Dedicated enough time to the task without distractions, less likely to forget a sequence or procedure.
  • Labels / making carboard frames for remembering where things go
  • Take photos of the process as you go so you can remember, such as wire looms and hoses, helps you appreciate / remember what they’re rooted through
  • Get into a good routine of washing your bike after a ride, gives you time to visually check your bike over and spot issue before they arise. Lose bolts, play in places it shouldn’t be, damage from the ride.

Remember, you have a few scenarios…but the bike maintenance needs doing, that’s a fact

  1. You pay a garage to do it – costs money
  2. You try yourself and fail, you take to a garage – cost money but you’ve learned something in the progress and no damage done – try again next time
  3. Do nothing…bike breaks – costs money
  4. You try yourself and success – saves money and you learn

Don’t be afraid to give it ago. You won’t learning it over night but it’s a journey.

If I can do it, you can do it.

If you’re new to my page – it’s more than just dirt bike riding and racing, I’m on a mission to prove that nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough. See more about my story plus read about my life changing accident, which started it all.

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